This is where I am now


In a three bedroom suite so that we do not need to rent two regular hotel rooms. Such a huge place, bigger than my own home. Facing the sea and I can see the sea from my bed.

Actually I had been blogging last night but I didn’t want to post here. Cos I jeles already. Terence make one post, he gets 30+ comments. So, I merajuk-ed and posted only on my food blog – Best recipe.


Yesterday, we arrived 25 minutes EARLIER! because Air Asia was so fantastic. They flew 15 minutes earlier and reached 25 minutes before the ETA. Maybe they heard 5xmom the obnoxious is on that plane. Hor? We spent the whole of yesterday roaming Kota Kinabalu.

The above is taken at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu. We are so lucky to catch a glimpse of the mountain. So awesome and stunning. Wish I have the stamina to conquer it. (fat chance!)

There was a landslide and we were stucked midway at Kundasang. Lucky, we didn’t hire a car but got one lengjai taxi driver with Toyota Innova to drive us around. So, we spent the waiting time enjoying the view and the cold air.


This picture so nice hor? Big bro, baby bro.

Overall, KK is enjoyable. We are going to Manukan Island tomorrow.

And Terence, weekend also you are contracted to jaga blog, ok?

13 thoughts on “This is where I am now

  1. yeah – what is the boy showing his lil finger?! wah laooo!!! lol!

    sibeh song eh. enjoy your holidays. the flight earlier cos they can’t wait to kick u off the plane larr. šŸ˜›

  2. Hired a taxi driver huh.. wise choice Lilian! LOL! Enjoy your holidays here! Will be waiting for more of your KK pics! šŸ™‚

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