Ayam beg~


4.30 am! That’s how early I woke up this morning. The sun always rise really early in Sabah and by 5.30 am, it is very bright already. This pic is taken at the KKIA2. And Air Asia once again took off early and reached Penang 25 minutes early. Fantastic or what!


Meanwhile, we saw a spectacular sunset at Tanjung Aru yesterday evening. My kids got into this experiment. The ’emperor new clothes’ mob. Point to something that doesn’t exist and see how many people got fooled into staring.

This morning, at the airport, we caused a mob effect as well. Before the Air Asia’s crew come to man the boarding counter, all six of us queued up at the gate and all 100+ passengers suddenly stood up suddenly from their seats queue along. Bwahahaha, it was soooooo funny. Lucky it was the right queue or else they will whacked us into pulp for making a fool of them.


And Terence, this reminds me of your cousin Ron. If you look hard enough at the right place….Bwahahaha…See? Can see or not? I go to Sabah and brought back a photo just for you. Faster say thank you.

(I didn’t travel all the way to the jungle to see the proboscis monkeys but got the close up photo from Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.)

I had napped from 12 noon till 4 pm. Now, cannot find the mood to start ‘working’. Die liao, deadlines staring at me. How?

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  1. I am the photography sifu. I see everything.

    Funny meh?? Not funny also. Nice silhouette shot of ‘Look! Terence is god!’ though. Tenkiu. Bwahahahah!!!!

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