How to stop ranting

I have many things to rant. In fact, I just wrote a ranting post but decided to put it into draft because it is a waste of time to rant over things we cannot change. It takes a non-Christian to remind me of St. Francis Assisi’s prayer.

So, take a deep breath….. Take out Jacky Cheung song, play it on my Sony Ericsson pink Vaio.

Jacky Cheung
(don’t stare, no sticker wan. I am supporting ‘another’ industry. They also need to feed their anak-bini mahhhh)

Then, take out my camera…..


Forget to turn off flash……


Now it looks better…..


And I think this is even better.

I don’t understand Mandarin nor Cantonese much. So, I don’t have a freaking idea what Jacky Cheung is singing but heck, I love his songs. While on music, I am pimping TenthOfMarch’s music blog where he shares music. LOL, Kelwin, a link from me is worthless already but who fark care lah, hor?)

And I managed not to rant. Whee! Bryan just help me bought an even bigger and better hosting. I am moving and expanding again! Yahoo!

14 thoughts on “How to stop ranting

  1. Eh, how come I didn’t saw the link earlier. Sorry Lilian. And thanks for pimping my blog. Hey, the PR business is something like share market. Today go down, tomorrow go up. šŸ˜‰ Thanks for the plug! šŸ˜€

  2. I like the first and third photos..

    I will also rant again… *sigh*.. don’t think it’s easy to stop ranting-la…

    ohhh… congrats on the house move. i’ve not decided to move yet. hehehe… soli-la bryan, i’m still deciding-la…

  3. Congrats on moving to a bigger house-bungalow!!
    Soon you will be moving to a palace šŸ™‚

    BTW I’m trying to get Bryan to renew my rumah papan.
    Harlow Bryan, where are you??????

  4. Just saw your email in Hotmail, Agnes.
    I seldom check Hotmail these day, gmail all the way.
    Don’t worry, I’ll get back to you in a while ya. šŸ™‚

  5. True true true, the other ‘industry’ punya maker also need to few anak bini. I support them also. Kahahha……….. Lawrence favourite is also Jacky Cheung. He don’t understand chinese but he will sit down slowly to pick up the words so he can also sing. *faint* BUT…………….. I must admit that he is a good singer. Wanna go karaoke with him?????

  6. Did you know that your blog was featured in Mother & Baby November 2007 edition? If you didn’t know, go buy a copy now but not sure if its in the newstands or not. We got ours by subscription.

  7. Woo! like your new theme. like very professional looking.

    But I can’t see your post and when I click on your homepage, got error. I think one of your plugin not compatible lah. Or maybe it’s ME. Don’t see others complaining also?

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