Old flower eyes (re-post)

*sigh* I hate having old flower eyes. You can’t see near, you can’t see far. If you wear the spectacle for seeing far, you can’t eat because the rice grains don’t look distinguisable. It is totally bleh, I tell you.

So, I had been wearing mono-vision contact lenses. That is, my left eye for close subjects and my right side for distance. My brain adjusts well and I have no problem. I can even read the Bible as a lector and read the music sheets as a choir member. Everyone said how good my eyes are because most of them needs a pair of old flower eyes spec to read. I tried to explain what mono-vision is but no one understands.

However, I have been blogging till late at night and I cannot wear the contact lenses for too long. So, on most nights I am partially blind and have to put my face real close to the monitor.

Few days back, I decided it is time I admit I have old flower eyes and went to get myself a pair of spectacles. Since I expect to wear it for several years, I invested in a pair of Sillhoutte which is so light and with half frames. As my eyes ‘power’ are extremely high at 450+, the glass lens are so thick. My optometrist offered me two choices, i.e. essilor or a Nikon lens. Ouch! So Nikon so expensive, I go buy camera lens lagi shiok ler. There are even more expensive lens but he said it is too risky for me if I have kids as they may shattered it. I think they are call multi-focal or progressive lens.

So, I settled for the essilor and the whole spec costs me RM1,700. Niamah, I damn pain ‘cos all the time, my spec only costs at most RM400. AND I STILL HATE WEARING SPECTACLE BECAUSE I LOOK LIKE A HEADMISTRESS!

*sigh* It is no fun to have bad eyesight. I started wearing spec since 10 years old.

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