Re-post – Women only post – Men, shooo!

I asked a question at Facebook and sent the question to all my female Facebook contacts. However, I got a few guys who replied as well. Their answers are so funny so I think I should share it here.

My question was :

Does your taiyeemah aka aunt flo aka period ‘make appointment’ before arrival? Or she loves to surprise you and catch you unaware?

These are some of the answers and there are 12 more on my Facebook profile (under questions I asked)

Carolyn Kong: usually..on time..wont unaware de..coz got symptoms getting cranky or pimples popping out..

Rosalind SK: Make appointment

Earl Ku: eh kira pakai kalkulator saitifik tak buleh ka ….

Sharon Bakar: i know as soon as i begin to crave chocolate!

Simon Yoong: depending on my boss’ attitude to me. :p

Long time ago, I wrote one post just because the thoughts just popped into my mind and I got grilled backside over it. I told you I am obnoxious, rite?

“That women’s monthly curse?” with 40 comments because some folks got PMS and cari gaduh sama saya.

Anyway, I am just curious. Do you have hang-ups choosing which pad to buy? Do you find it annoying to see those dangling tea bags samples all over the supermarket? I do. That’s why I always stick to one brand because I am such a prude. I cannot go touch, look see, feel, pinch, check the layers of all those sanitary pads. So shy lah. Especially with all those ah peks hanging around, buying soap powder (cos they are always placed next to each other). That’s why getting tampons are so much more discreet.

Apamaciam? Are you the kind who don’t have problem buying pads in bulk because they are cheap? You know…those that come in 72 pieces. Doh, bocor pun tak kan bocor sampai 72 pieces, kan?

And moms-to-be, get your stocks of maternity pads ready ‘cos you don’t want the poor hubby to hang around the section to find if it is whisper, kotex, sanita (does it even exist?), with or without wings type that you ask him to get for you when you just delivered your baby. Not every guy is as bold as my dear hubby who had no problems asking the promoter “Wa eh boh seh kia, ai beh hamik?” (yayaya, he had done it twice)

6 thoughts on “Re-post – Women only post – Men, shooo!

  1. Hah thanks for this lovely reminder. I hope I remember to stock up tons of pads if I ever get pregnant and go for delivery. Here in France there is no promoter hanging around for you to ask for advises so most likely hubby will get home with the wrong product.

  2. i never miss reading your blog.
    well, you are right. i always keep stock of maternity pads & also to be brought to the hospital .bcos in the government hospital, u r given the ones to be used using the tali (sanita/daun). haiyoo, i really don’t know how to tie it. FYI, that is not given to you for free. u hv to replace later when you r discharged from the hospital. so i’ll go for the one’s that can stick to the underwear. for night time, use the extra long one lo. thanks for the new invention.
    i also hv one story abt spectacles. i asked my optometris to adjust the frame & she broke it. she had to give me a new frame (for free) but too bad the colour of the frame is a bit too odd to me, dark red. she said no more other colour left.

  3. wut i buy depends on my “financial capability” that month! got money mai buy better money then stick to cipalak brand..can hold blood can liao..and yesh! tampons is a must must!!!

    normally ppl dun use pads if they use tamps hor? sei la..i need night pads and tampons..i think i have no more blood liao!

  4. 72 piece pads ? OMG, that is so big. I usually buy the 20 pc packet or if got offer, the 20 + 10 or 20 + 20 one.

    My tai yee mah last time got indication one like lower abdominal pain. Now after sang chai, no more liao. Btw, do you find your period finishes faster after your 1st kid was born ?

  5. who says men don’t need pad!!! after a round of xenical and some accidents, i found it necessary to buy some pad (for my non-existent wife of course). ahaks!!

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