WP code guru – Help! – Read from main page, please.

*Blek, I got no choice but to change to this blue theme.*

I finally instal some WP cache plugin because the load is killing the blog. *hopes Bryan won’t cekik me for messing with wp-config.php*

So, I changed a new theme by 1Blogtheme but why is the single page without my post, just title and comments?

Anyone can tell me what went wrong? There is no single.php because this theme has many files and mighty confusing to me. Anyone knows which page I should be digging?

Argghh..I am dying of frustration. The streamyx line sucks, my server keeps crashing due to database connection errors and I choose this day to change theme.

Please, please, please tell me which part of the template went wrong? I really like this theme but what’s wrong with the single php?

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  1. I am guessing the theme is not compatible with WordPress 2.3. Hope someone comes along and assist you more.

    Try switching to a light wordpress theme like Sandbox for the mean time. It might help slightly.

  2. Hinching – Thanks! The template caused my database to crash cos Bryan told me each time it calls up 100 scripts (or something like that). LOL. I deleted it and no more problem. too bad, but it was a nice theme.

  3. Byran – I am a STAR already! LOL. I am tweaking it and hopefully it won’t cause CPU overload. Deleted off some unnecessary plugins like most commented and popular.

    Erin – The theme changes every few minutes. That pink one cause IE 7 to crash and IE6 cannot access. So many people scold me for causing their PC to freeze. Boh pien, must change.

    Terence – Happy now? Cilaka, I forget to screenshot what you said just now.

  4. Bwahahahaha!!! *fell off chair, rolled down the stairs and rolled back up* WTF!!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!

  5. OOPS! Some of your comments went missing. Let me try to recap what was said :

    Moses said this theme is better than 1Blog.

    Pablo said this theme is very fitting for me.

    Bryan said this theme is fresh (and what he didn’t mention is he hopes I no more screwed up the server with weird codes and bad templates šŸ˜› )

    Angie and Sasha said they like pink. – Eh, don’t cerewet can? got pink also what?

    and Terence said he absolutely lurrrrves this theme. So lurrrrve the theme until he jatuh tangga.

    I think that are some of the comments that have gone missing.

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