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A travel career that touches hearts

I am very fond of two physical therapists and both of these ladies have been my pillar of strength. One of them is a lady who worked for several years in Canada and she was this terrific woman who assured me, then a first time mom about chest physio and suction. My eldest son and my third son were both asthmatic when they were babies (due to dust mite allergies) and they were under her care.

The other physical therapist is Anne whom was the first person to hand me a copy of the Daily Bread. I can say that she was my first encounter with a Christian. Her cheerful attitude and gentle manner in treating Vincent touched my life.


So, I have high regards for people who are in the fields of physical therapists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, respiratory care practitioners, and other healthcare professionals. Many of them serve with dedication not found in other individuals.

Do you know that their careers have some special privileges? They are very much needed everywhere and therefore, they are much sought after. They can start a travel cum working career by registering with Cross Country Allied which is the starting point.


If you are in this line of healthcare career and love traveling, you will find Cross Country Allied helpful because they match qualified allied healthcare professionals to assignments across the country or across town in acute care and rehab hospitals, outpatient clinics, home care, schools and long-term care facilities.

Check out the site and see how interesting these careers are and who knows….you may want to be part of this? The two therapists I mentioned enjoy their work tremendously and their happy outlook normally rubs off to their patients and cheer them up. So, what better way than to have fun and work at the same time?

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