Do you know how many days you spent shitting in your life?

5 mins x 365 = 1825

1825 x 65 years = 118625

118625 divide 60 divide 24 = 82 days!

So, I wonder if everyone makes good use of that time?

Do you think and plan your life during that 82 days?

Do you plot your next success story?

Do you read and gain knowledge?

Do you reflect on what your god wants you to do?

Do you use that time to unwind and de-stress?

Or did you just wasted days of your life, smelling your own shit and not doing anything at all? You are such a loser then.

What have I done with 54 days of my life? Maybe more days than that because I shit more than once a day, sometimes.

I normally :

1) Read those women magazines that I bought but never read;
2) Read the papers and de-stress by dumping it immediately;
3) Plot what to do with my day;
4) Escape from the kids because when I shit, no one can disturb me;
5) Read the Bible, not exactly the real Bible but smaller books on faith; (no, my God doesn’t forbid me, not like my ex-gods that says the toilet is taboo for religious stuffs)
6) Pluck my eyebrows
7) Spend 3 mins to wait for my leg hairs removal cream to work;
8 ) Spend 8 minutes for the hot oil on my hair to work;
9) Use it to plan my next blog topic;
10) Find the solution for world peace.

So what do you when you shit?

P/S : Some of your comments disappeared because they were trapped in my ‘old house’ and this is now written on my ‘new house’. Also tell me if my calculation is wrong ‘cos my maths super suxs.

17 thoughts on “Do you know how many days you spent shitting in your life?

  1. I watch Astro, read a book/newspaper but most of the time, I just sit there and shit. Bwahahaha!!!!

    And yes, I have a TV in the toilet. Cannot ar???

  2. Oh and sometimes i bring my laptop in to read your blogs! And scream for my husband so that i can pass it to him when i want to wash…

  3. wakaka. I use the time to chat with terence in msn. blek.

    But seriously, I sometimes bring my laptop in, then can blog, can watch Prison Break, can read blogs. wah, so the nice lah.

  4. maybe 82 days were meant for s*itting and nothing else. after all HE did rest on the 7th day and maybe did some blogging??!!

  5. Erin commented in wrong post. Copy and paste over here.

    mmh, today when i was passing it out, i tried to recall wat i’ve jz memorize for my exam this coming monday. usually i’ll think bout wat to eat, wat to do, where to go, and whether want go sleep early or not. XD sounds wuliao

  6. So many things you can do when you have your defecation.. I normally go in the toilet and hope to get it done fast. Less than 5 minutes..

  7. omg.. you calculated the time, which i never think of it.. mostly i do nothing, cause i always shit in the morning, the time when i’m blur and sleepy.. but not fall asleep yet at least..

  8. Hahaha! First, mine is longer than 82 days because I often shit longer than 5 min and more than 1x daily.
    I have 6 siblings so when I was younger the toilet was the only place to go for peace and quiet.
    I get some of my best ideas on the toilet so I keep a pen and pad in there…oh yeah, and that’s the only time I get to read!

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