The week that was – 4 & 5

All these moving servers, slow DNS propagation on cilaka Stimass line, dunno how to clear DNS on Vista, appearing and disappearing posts and comments (because I keep going back and forth between new and old servers) have driven me nuts.

Thanks, Bryan for you patience. (because my itchy hands are always too quick and keep killing the site) If you are a noob, go ask Bryan to be your middleman and webmaster. Now, I am hosted on a VPS with 1GB (I don’t know more detail).


Now is to time to look back on the past weeks.

Make$ Money$ blog

I completed one year as PPP postie and also wrote shitloads of paid posts and earn truck loads of USD. I got smacked by Google real bad but I don’t fark care. I asked my friend, would you rather have a PR 5/10 blog that is just a blog or blogs like mine which make money but gotten smacked by Google? But sadly, I am terribly disappointed that I didn’t get many feedbacks for this post : One year PayPerPost. People either didn’t read the post or they have forgotten to say congrats to me. I deserve a congrats. And I am glad that Wayne Liew said this :

I’ve seen you fought for us on the Asian’s English quality issue and I really thank you for that, not letting those Westerners to go notorious in shooting us!

Need a bow? Hehe…

To those whom I expected comments, I just want to tell you that I am terribly disappointed because for all the time I coached some of you via email, via MSN and the motivation I gave, I get ‘let’s pretend we didn’t read that’. Ah well, never mind, I am now smarter.

Want to see my Flying Fox video? (I think one of my post is missing from this blog, the one with my son on the Flying Fox, ish!)


Personal blog

I become a three years old blogger. Dropped from PR 5/10 to PR 2/10. I know a lot of people are damn happy. Say thank you to me, please. How often you get to boast “My PR is higher than 5xmom?” Go on, celebrate. Make a post and tell your readers, “Ngo duck jorrrr!”

I am celebrating too because not many got the notoriety to lose three PRs at one go. And my 5xmom V 2.0 got PR 2/10. Ngo duck jorrr!!!!


Food Blog

I am pissed that I lost my PR on MalaysiaBest. I haven’t used it for PPP eventhough it is an approved blog. I only have far and few in between SR and RM reviews. Yet, it got smacked. So, now, I dun fark care anymore because muahahar, I got two more food blogs that are hidden somewhere, including a Bahasa Malaysia one.

Other than the above, there is nothing to look back on because I was away for five days in Sabah, then, for the next three days, I have some problems with many of my sites, followed by moving servers and waiting for them to settle. Basically, it was an unproductive week but I can afford to shake legs till month end because I have surpassed my 12Kmom mark.

End of Week that was…..
(all photos were taken in Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The photos have nothing to do with the post. I am just showing off my skills. πŸ˜› )

iSick, iNeed love. iTeh. iWant iMac.

15 thoughts on “The week that was – 4 & 5

  1. sorry to hear about your page rank but to make you happy, the first blog that I read everyday (if I can login), will always be this blog. I don’t even check my blog everyday. Keep up your good work. Even though sometimes (or always) you can be very hao lian but no doubt, you are one of the best blogger in msia and definitely my favourite. Kennysia also cannot fight with you. Muah ha ha.. happy boi?

  2. Seejeh I also kena!! but even at PR5 i m making peanuts from blogging la so now PR 4 no diff also!

  3. With disappointments come lessons. πŸ™‚ You know that with expectations and hope there bound to be disappointments, Lilian. But without hope, and expectations, we don’t go anywhere.

    There’s no need for people to say, but you know your success! Even I, a newbie in this blogosphere (if you count four months as newbie) know that you are one of the most successful blogger in Malaysia! πŸ™‚

    But nonetheless, happy 1 year with PPP! You worked your arse off to deserve the huge amount you have earned! πŸ™‚ Who give a fark about what others think, or who appreciate. You did something that every son and daughter of God would do – you share. πŸ™‚ *kudos*

    Now, your doesn’t work. What happened?

  4. ehon – I screwed it up again. Hehehe, Bryan is going to kill me and then, charge me a huge bill for wasting his precious time clearing up my boos-boos.

    wingz – Only the chosen ones get demoted. Cos Google notice me more than others. I big influence, ask ppl to join every damn monetizing sites except adsense. Muahahar.

    choonie – Shiny until I kenot see the ground liao!

    bryan – Sakit until kenot go out, no buy yet. That’s why I got too much time to screw the blog lor.

  5. Lilian…. Fffffffff I wrote a lengthy comment via my mobile but I lost it upon submission with the error “post not found”. Now I have to try to remember what I wrote.

    I wrote, “Congrats on your success. Whether you are PR2 or PR5 does not make a difference to your readers. You will always be the big sister looking out for us. Like the time when people were witch-hunting and you stood up for me. Thank you.

    I am hard-hit by Goog as well, losing at least 2 ranks on some blogs and one is even now unranked as I type this. PPP has already updated my ranks and there are only two miserable opps available to me. It’s ironic that when my Alexa was dropping, I had to wait for ages for my dashboard to be updated. Bah!

    Perhaps now is the time for me to take a break after one crazy year. There’s nothing much to do but hope that somehow the ranks will rebound. Goog just came a visiting to my blogs. Human or bot, I don’t even know. I suspect that all of us on the PPP leader board are punished because somebody reported us or something. A couple of weeks ago, somebody went to the PPP forum and did a search for my name and was led to my blog.

    Anyway, like you said, you are a survivor and will come back stronger than ever. I hope I will too. Here’s hoping that tomorrow will be better. God bless.”

  6. I got smacked too but well, life goes on. This comment may not have anything to do with this post except that I like to say you are a damn good photographer lah – love the way you capture the skies and sunset… my! That was simply amazing! I just have to say you are a real talented 5xmom!

  7. cannot boast lar…. because my PR same as you. 2/10

    btw, not only bloggers are getting a PR drop, but other websites as well, some major websites too.

  8. oh yeah, you know we all love you. you knew that all along and you’re proud of it. roar! πŸ˜€ and hey as everyone says, it doesn’t matter if you got pr2 or pr5, you always tell us that good content will eventually draw good traffic.

    the teachings of 5xmom! acolytes gather and listen to St 5xMom preach!

    if google don’t love you, we all still do. πŸ˜€

    newayz, nice revamp of your site design! i liked it, really nice! maybe i should do one myself too soon hehe

  9. Thanks for the link, Lilian. I never thought of a simple comment will get featured.

    Anyway, Google is no longer something, they are nothing. Even I have a PR4, it’s like something that is worthless. John Chow is having PR4 and your site is having a PR which is lower than mine but you both still earning more than me, PR is not going to be admired any more.

  10. Ayam Bek. That celaka BG Lee forced me to stay for dinner.

    Wuah! That photo with sunset, silhouette (ATM) and a little bit of flaring very very good. Can sell for money liao.

  11. terence – That one atm communicating with yehsou see who wins the next tennis match. LOL. So do you need to hire a 40 footer for your shopping?

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