RELA nuisance

There are many good RELA members, volunteering their time and energy to help maintain peace and whatever they are assigned to do.  But there are many whose heads are too big.

We were driving along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (i.e. the millionaires’ row) turning into Jalan Larut when we heard siren.  In front of us, came this Honda cub bike with an ahpek with RELA suit and a whistle.  He stopped the traffic from the other junction to let the hearse pass.

That’s fine, maybe the dead ought to have a smooth drive.  But after we turn into Jalan Burmah, the RELA members (now totalling two) are getting bolder and bolder.  Hey, you are not the traffic police, wokay?  And though we respect the dead and will want the final journey to be a smooth one, that doesn’t mean we must stopped in the middle of a busy road to  let it pass because well, that’s life.

By now, the RELA members on their Honda cub (70 c.c. old bike) acted like they are escorting the King.  They keep waving us off the road, while riding precariously on their bike.  Some of us may have seen them but if some other bikers who just caught up from behind may not see them and a crash is very possible.

Still, we tolerate because it is after all a funeral.  But what is super annoying is this.  We came to the red light where school children were crossing the road along Jalan Burmah.  And the hearse was about 3-4 cars behind.  All the time, our car was one car ahead of the hearse.  Read – 3 to 4 cars behind.  Meaning, there are 3-4 cars on a three-lanes road.  That total  at least 10 cars waiting for the red light.

And this farking old man in his RELA suit, thinking he is the traffic police actually shoo-ed all the cars to move, inspite of the red lights and the children crossing the road.  Mahai,  can wait or not?  Don’t you have any common sense that it is more important to see that the school children crossed safely than trying to act like you are escorting a time bomb?

Again, with all due respect to deceased and the family, I think the two RELA members are way too much.  I know that in normal funerals, if you belong to the rich and famous, they can get police permit and even police escort.  But I hope that not everyone gets to get RELA to be the escort all the time.  Then again, if you are rich enough and get one of those undertakers, I bet money can buy everything?

14 thoughts on “RELA nuisance

  1. Its not legal. They cannot divert traffic.

    Why is the hearse rushing anyway? The person also dead liao. Still need to rush ar? Alive time, kiasi, Si liao, kiasu.

    Malaysia Boleh! Put a moron in a uniform and this is what you get lor.

  2. Keen – My hubby hor, he said hor, no need to go so fast cos if (the deceased) no enjoy the view and traffic jam later, no more. Somemore, if go too fast, the body may be bumping on the sides. LOL. So, we don’t give way lah, cos we are moving fast enough what. Hehehe.

  3. terence – We posted around the same time. LOL, see your comments and what my atm said, same or not? Tiu, you all Lohs got same sarcasm wan.

  4. I wonder, last time when I was escorting the convoy and reached Penang, did I bump into Lilian or not ..

    I think if it was Lilian that was in front of me that don’t give way, my balls gonna shrink into peanut size ..

  5. I call it ‘besar kepala’ syndrome. Give them whistle, probably baton and vest written ‘Rela’ or security, they’ll get infected by this syndrome. This the only time they felt ‘ada kuasa’. If they ran into their bosses or supervisor, this the only time they can (people with this syndrome) can shout at the bosses. Bila lagi nak dpt chance macam tu. You can see them at parking area (hypermart esp) and few places where VVIPs pay a visit. The latest I saw a guy shouting at the airport asking people to give way for the astronaut when he arrived at the airport. Felt like wanna hentam his head “Bising lah!”. These people lebih mengada-ngada daripada polis. Security at condos N shopping centers included. BUt then again, there are some nice people with whistle….football referee maybe.

  6. Annoying people from the dead…the family must’ve wanted to rush his body to dispose of some evidence kut? Just joking…watch too much CSI de…

    The worst part is when they freaking chased the people off the zebra crossing, and tried to force ppl to run the red light. So syok woh, flipping the bird at them.

  7. i agree that these RELA ppl get a bit over excited about escorting…. even those police outriders also. they can be really mean and shout at you and they will even kick your car if you don’t move aside. but sometimes hior, no place how to move aside leh? ask me to go bang divider/another car ke??!

  8. Taking “law” into their own hand without the blessing of the law from the state goverment-What an asshole this RELA ASSHOLE people are.They behave like monkeys on the road to show their colors and what have you.

  9. BTW the next time anyone come across any RELA “monkeys” just show him a RM 30/- and you will get off easily.They are a MONEY-FACE lots of crooks

  10. I have bad experience with RELA also. My friend is fire brigade volunteers and he said this kinda RELA and RESCUE 911 thingy, they usually ask for money before they help you, even in accident, they wait too.

    So for me, they are not that RELA sometimes…

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