Suddenly…I realised why we have free will

It just dawned on me. Like a bolt of lightning, it strikes me. Now I know why God gives us free will.

(note : This is marked not humour and it doesn’t belong to faith category either.)
To those who are in the dark, Christians and Muslims believe that we are created by God. We are not monkeys ancestors  descendants of the apes or form with all the atoms and molecules. So, back then, 4,000 years ago, God decide to make man. And He gave us free will.

All the while, I wonder why God bothers to give us free will, where that free will caused Adam and Eve to steal a bite of the forbidden fruit, causing hell to cross over. (following parts only Christians believe) In the end, God has to make Himself man and suffer and die like us so that He can bridge the gap through Jesus. That way, we can go back to Heaven again. I had been wondering why God didn’t just program us how He wants us so Adam and Eve wouldn’t spoil it all.

But no, life will be a lot boring if every thing and everyone runs on a pre-programmed mode. People are boring when you know what to expect from them. Friends are like zombies if we know how they will react to us. Lovers will be nothing but rods and holes when there are nothing to titillate.

And it is freaking dull when people go the way we ask them. If we say go ciak sai, they go, if we say go jump down the sea, they jump. Pretty sienz, right?

Right? Say yes lah!

10 thoughts on “Suddenly…I realised why we have free will

  1. Hmmm…not really. If we were all pre-programmed to behave how we should behave, then we won’t/shouldn’t feel boring when others do what they do. It is simply because we would have also been pre-programmed to enjoy what they have done even although it is “boring”.

    On the other hand, even if we felt boring of what they did, that boring feeling would have been a pre-programmed feeling as well. Wah, confusing.

  2. terence – I forget to add ‘This post is sponsored by Xanax’ Read already, it helps to sell ubat sakit jiwa. Just like how some people help to sell Viagra like that. Bwahaha..private joke so private, you also don’t know leh?

    kSin – Huh? Stress? I got mention ah?

    tenthofmarch – LOL, you think too much.

  3. wah tenthofmarch…i read your comment until pening already!! heehee…

    and yes, free will makes life more interesting, also makes life more frustrating, irritating and pening-pening….!

  4. So, meaning harmiq?? God gave us a brain to think and therefore better think properly.. if not, zip zap brain fall out and no more brain… just follow.. correct bo??

    I am so bored, I dun even care to understand what i read already…. sigh….

  5. Pokoknya we have to make it heaven on earth mah. kalau kita tak buat siapa lagi nak buat. baca kitab dan buat. every little bit counts.

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