Who is the screwer one here?

She is 10 years old.  They said she is a bit screwed.  Otak tak center.  If I am 10 and my mom has two husbands and 7 kids and some of whom may not be my own siblings, I would be screwed too.

Recka’s stepfather Ahmad Omar, 49, said he and his wife would be handing over the little girl to the Welfare Department as they found it hard to control her.

“I love her a lot but my wife and I cannot be keeping an eye on her all the time as we need to work in order to feed our family of six other children.

“I want what is best for her as I cannot be locking her up in the house. I feel that the state would be able to take better care of her,” he said when met at his Kampong Kolam home.

Now, the step father said she is too screwed and is better off in the welfare home.  Ya, right…..pass the buck, give her to charity.

But that’s not the screwer one.  The screwed one is the media.  They sensationalise her disappearance because of what happen to Nurin.  They create huge headlines, without finding out the facts.  Now, they realised they have been taken for a ride by a 10 years old girl.  She ran away from home because probably home sucks.  Or maybe she watched too many Bollywood stories.

Why I take offence with the media?  Because of what they portrayed.  That we were taken for a ride.

 Ten-year-old Recka almost had the whole country fooled when she made up a story about being abducted from a VCD shop in Market Street by a woman last week.

How about some better news like how kids are often neglected and that’s the cause of the problems we face in this society.   And why are kids neglected?  Because the parents need to scrimp for money.  And why do they need to do that?  Because our nation is developing too fast with too many ambitious projects that benefits a few and cause the masses to suffer.  That’s why.    Petrol naik, toll, naik, tepung naik, roti naik, beras naik, gaji tak naik.  That’s why lor.

12 thoughts on “Who is the screwer one here?

  1. yup, our society’s pretty sick. everything’s naik this end too. char siew pao naik 10 cents, cereal drink pack 60 cents, barley drink 20 cents, milo drink at kopitiam 10 cents. don’t even start on the chicken wings. sigh. it is not going to get easier. but some people’s salary naik naik naik high high only. bleh.

    oh btw, i have a little mention of your name in my
    post. thanks again.

  2. terence – Don’t worry, that one ada obat.

    th_c – Ya, with all the ECER NCER etc etc, development going like mad, folks can’t catch up, all sure suffer.

    misti – Yalor, the media only focus on remeh-temeh news and refused to acknowledge the big picture. The big picture is bad governance, too much emphasis on development and too little on taking care of the basic human needs.

  3. The price increment in many items lately is not fair for us looking at the fact that our salary belum naik lagi.
    Let’s pray for this girl and hope that she will end up in a more comfortable home.

  4. I want to say kudos to little Recka. For so long, the mainstream media just take the public grievance as a ride to boost their paper. And the so call “fool the whole nation” is nothing but fooling those with a bad taste to follow the news without compassion. They are worst than paparazi, because paparazi don’t pick on joe public grievance! So after embarrass by little girl, the media make a hu-hah to highlight little Recka are “hard to control”.
    BTW, it is mind boggling about sending the girl to hosipital psychiatric. I am quite skeptic about there is adequate children psychiatric in the hospital.

    About Penang,with PGCC, I afraid in future, Penang people will no longer afford to live in the Island anymore.

  5. the problem is not within the child only, but everyone involved. i do not believe that an over-imaginative child would come out with such story if she has not gone thru a stage where she really needed some attention.

  6. Well if our semangat is always boleh here and boleh there..
    no wonder all this thing are occuring…..

    i just think that we should move away from the perception of everything boleh… ! and sometimes really need to be done.. starting with the small little things.. Mat R3mp4t!

  7. You said it all, Lilian! I don’t understand why nobody in power sees it?

    Such basic issues like family welfare, crime control etc have been taken care of so well in other countries but what is Malaysia trying to do?

    Investing in super-duper technologies, which may suffer the Malaysian fate of no maintenance. Sigh…guess it’s really a case of 1st word facilities, 3rd world mentalities.

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