iHepi iHepi iHepi!

Yes! Yes! Yes!


We went to the beach.

Pasir Panjang beach, Balik Pulau

The waves were so strong (high? ombak bergelora) and it was kind of spooky because of the cloudy skies. This is the place where many people died during the tsunami.

D40 in Crumpler 2 million dollar bag

I brought my DSLR along, hoping to take some nice photos of the sunset but due to the high waves, I couldn’t relax much because I have to keep an eye on my kids. They were just playing sand by the beach but still the thought of a big wave swallowing up my precious errmm….Nikon 18-200 mm VR lens is quite frightening, you know?

A trip to Balik Pulau means buying the famous handmade vegetable pau and taking photos of the paddy field aka sawah padi. It is the only place in Penang island with green paddy fields.


I wanted to take pics of the petani but was too shy to be squatting there by the road side. My herroow took the photos for me. Awww….*love hearts popping from the eyes* ~_~

Paddy field in Balik Pulau

This hardworking pak cik (actually very handsome cik abang) was planting paddy in the muddy field. He even paused to smile for the photo taken by my herrroow..

paddy field balik pulau penang

I love green paddy fields like this. But it was rather dark and rain was about to pour so didn’t manage to take many pictures.

But that’s not the reason I am triple hepi. It is the month end and if I remember correctly, last month, I blogged till I was exhausted. I wanted to hit 15K last month. This month, I releks jerrr…..Pergi pantai, pancing ikan, ambil gambar….beli udang, beli ikan, beli keropok lekor buatan Balik Pulau….

Still, that’s not the reason I am MOST hepi.

I got home after the trip to the beach. I was cleaning up the white pomfret, prawns and crabs we got from Pulau Betong (not a pulau, just a name for a fishing village) when my phone rang. The first time, I couldn’t be bothered. Then it rang again and I got no choice but to wash my fishy smelly hands.



“Hi, Terence here….I want to tell you that …….either Thursday or Friday…..”

…to be continued……

So, I will tell you on either Thursday or Friday why I am so hepi hepi hepi. Ponnepee….so happy can die!

18 thoughts on “iHepi iHepi iHepi!

  1. LOL, first comment, already guessed. But Terrence…eh (censored)

    5xmom : Oi, Terence got only one r lah.

  2. Eh Nick – Do I need to write : Ini Pantai. Ini Pantai di Balik Pulau. Namanya, Pasir Panjang? Read lah.

    angie – iTulan ledi. Hahahaha.

    MG – Ya, now iTulan.

    kittycat – Eh, I went to KK long time already, please see the date when you comment? Please don’t speed read and thought I am still there lah. Ish.

    bryan – Got…..

  3. Then on Thursday afternoon:

    “Lilian ah, this is Terence again. Very sorry, but due to the tsunami, our ship cannot dock and the iMac was drown.”

    OMG! Potong stim ni.


  4. ehon – I wait for one month ledi lorrr…But lucky they just phone me and it is coming on Friday evening. Yay! I paid ledi, so it cannot run away anymore, I hope. @_@

  5. Hubby take picture of paddy field, U take picture of Hubby… satu kali jalan2 berapa banyak camera bawak daa..

  6. rizlan – Ni lah dipanggil beromen. I take you, you take me. Duacamera cukup lah tu but we have like 5 or 6 lol, if you count the camera phones of my sons.

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