First day of the month


I had been out the whole day and just got back. My previous template belongs to some ‘bad neighbourhood’ and I have to change to a new one asap but this one is screwed too. I hate changing template!!!!!

We went to this canopy walk which is supposed to be the world longest canopy walk. It is about 1KM, walking on tree tops.


Got time to see ants working hard. That sort of takes my mind away from my blogs and all those greenbacks that I am missing out.

When I got home, fulamak, got 125 guesses! Die die die! But the happy news is I found that I have 13 referrals for one of the ads program and each pays me USD25. When I finish counting all the $$$, then we shall see who guess the correct number.


When you are four years old, and you are 265 meter up in the trees top and you gotta pee, what do you do? Can you see the bottom right corner? Actually, I got the whole pic but it has to be censored. So nice…being four years old mean you can pee and then, your mommy fast fast take pickchures to show her blog readers what pee looks like when it drips 265 meter down to earth.


The Sedim The Tree Top Canopy Walk is not bad. If you can ignore the laterite road (due to road upgrading).

16 thoughts on “First day of the month

  1. littlepolaris – I posted the link already. They are in Kulim, Kedah. The road is rather bad now cos they are now only making the road AFTER they had made the place. *roll eyes*

  2. Can see from the pics, not as che qik as the one we walked on in Taman Negara. Swaying and bouncing all around.

  3. I went there with my kids, half way through the walk, it rained cats and dogs and we were thinking which way was faster to run back to shelter. LOL!
    But it’s not easy to find the place, we got lost on the way back. šŸ˜›

  4. yups, sungai sedim is such a hidden gem in Kulim.

    been there but missed the white water rafting… kinda scary but adventurous.

    but the thing about the tree top walk that .. it is too stable!! it hardly shakes… no extraordinary feeling…


    anyway the boards signifying the height is so confusing.. wonder why they wana put it in milimeters instead of the standard meter.

  5. bryan – Langkawi wan but this is longer. Langkawi feels goyang-goyang, this one too stable.

    wuching – if you have fear of height, then you also pee in your pants cos the place you step are just wire netting.

    ehon – The price of being 5xmom’s kids.

    des – Yalor, make it like very high like that.

    shoppingmum – It rains too, but after we got back into the car.

    annna – Initially a bit geli cos the wire netting feels like koyak likedat.

    #2 – Yalor, it doesn’t goyang cos you monkeys are not there to goyang it. My knees oso dun shake.

    marverick – Boh pien lah, RM10 for that big structure.

  6. hi dear. ur posting made me really curious to go to this canopy walk….since im quite adventurous…but since im a foreignenr here….dunno much interesting places in Malaysia……..can u plz provide me with a short guide of how to reach that place? thnx

  7. kesian your anak, want to pee oso mudder want to take pitcher… he will have stories to tell his children when he grows up… “Last time when I was small your grandma…”. hahaha

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