Lucky 4D, I give USD50 as prize

I am through with giving free domains because it involves so much work. LOL, I hope all the nine winners have gotten your domain. So much emails to deal with.

So, I am feeling generous and this time, I am giving away to the person who guess it right.

Give me a four digit number, starting with four or five. Nearest guess, get USD50 bucks in your PayPal.

I myself do not know the final figure because there are some numbers that are not in yet. So hurry up! Empat nombor ekor.

Closing date : As soon as I close this comment box.

P/S : #2, you are not qualified to guess but if someone wants to bribe you to steal a look at my spreadsheet, ask for USD100 bucks. LOL.

*ding,ding,ding!!!!! Comments closed.*

Thanks for taking part!Ā 

91 thoughts on “Lucky 4D, I give USD50 as prize

  1. This is fun! šŸ™‚ I’m betting on -742-‘s guess of 5666…

    Sorrylah, Lilian, my eyes missed out the part that you’re back on Oct 22.

    I was catching up on your posts (updated at megaspeed!) from months being away. I read carefully from now on ok!

  2. somebody did not read the blog carefully, & give numbers that start with 3 and 8.

    anyway, my prediction is 4123 (my car number) & 5450 (my i/c).

    it is a coincidence that my friend & me also talk about $D numbers this morning.

  3. LOL, I can’t believe my eyes!

    Keep the numbers coming. I have to go for canopy walk in Kulim (haih…..)

    I also do not know the number yet unless I get TLA’s mails. So, more time to guess.

  4. 5238
    I lost on the other contest butmake sure I win this. Btw, I need Bryan or Terence help to get my USD50 cos my paypal account dun work one. LOL… I give them half half.

  5. ” la… should be so lucky…lucky, lucky, lucky…”

    lilian aah, makcik try ‘5149’…

    reason: dunnoh…only those numbers crossed my mind maa…

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