Lucky 4D, I give USD50 as prize

I am through with giving free domains because it involves so much work. LOL, I hope all the nine winners have gotten your domain. So much emails to deal with.

So, I am feeling generous and this time, I am giving away to the person who guess it right.

Give me a four digit number, starting with four or five. Nearest guess, get USD50 bucks in your PayPal.

I myself do not know the final figure because there are some numbers that are not in yet. So hurry up! Empat nombor ekor.

Closing date : As soon as I close this comment box.

P/S : #2, you are not qualified to guess but if someone wants to bribe you to steal a look at my spreadsheet, ask for USD100 bucks. LOL.

*ding,ding,ding!!!!! Comments closed.*

Thanks for taking part! 

91 thoughts on “Lucky 4D, I give USD50 as prize

  1. 5628

    My credit suisse account number is ……….

    5xom says : Cilaka, you tipu! Cheater, cheater, cheater….

    Nyek, even if you win…let me see….British pounds 6,969 minus USD50….you still owe me a lot, wokay?

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