I do not know about hartal. Do you?

My son and I got there and we had curry rice for dinner. The Malam Bangsa Malaysia has about 200 participants but they come and go so by the time I got there, there were about 70 people left. I saw many, many NGOs folks there. Sked, sked, sked. (cos they are damn passionate about their causes wan)

Then, the political talks around B O R E D me.

Lucky, they fed me and showed me a short documentary. Very eye opening. Thanks to the organisers for inviting me.


The above is Fahmi who produced the documentary. I am shy to say that I have never heard of hartal until today. Well, I was a science student, and I never study sejarah (history). Abuden, what’s in our school text books won’t show you what happened 10 years before Merdeka. The 10 years is the lapse when the British won the WWII from the Japanese and before our independence.


All the familiar faces are there. You should know who they are. I am not quoting names. I want to go play far-far.


I am a blogger so must camwhore my blog URL. See?


I know my writing is fugly.

And that’s what I want to say about the Malam Bangsa Malaysia. And eye opening event but a little boring jugak lah (cos I am not 100% so-po). I urge all of you to watch the documentary by Fahmi. Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka. The link to the documentary 10tahun on Youtube is here. It is in English and BM with subtitles. Find out what actually happened. And what is hartal? It was a day when the whole nation stood still to fight for Merdeka.

20 Oktober 1947 merupakan hari bersejarah dalam perjuangan berperlembagaan rakyat Malaya menuntut kemerdekaan dari penjajah British. Filem dokumentari pendek ini menceritakan pengalaman yang dilalui oleh 5 individu yang turut serta dalam perjuangan politik kiri untuk membentuk sebuah gerakan kemerdekaan rakyat di Malaya, sepuluh tahun sebelum merdeka.

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8 thoughts on “I do not know about hartal. Do you?

  1. Bryan – Tiu lorrr…Yahor…Cheh, dun fark care liao. LOL. Not like I want those ppls to read my blog. Kia si lang wan, all so clever to debate wan.

  2. argghhh!!!… i missed this too! if not i would have stay in penang. i was there today for disney live! mickey’s magic show @ pisa. in fact i have blogged about it before i read this šŸ˜‰

    missed another chance to meet you too.

  3. Cool!! Your writing not as fugly as mine-la…
    Anyway, am looking forward to the documentary as it is something I didn’t quite study back in Form 4 history last time.. šŸ˜‰

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