Yay! Finally got the iMac in my hands and am busy with all the new icons and new Mac OS X Leopard.


The winner of the guess 4D is d’Fish. He has a great blog, man! Check out his blog. d’Fish, email me your PayPal please. You got the number right down to the last digit – 5628! Thanks to all for joining in the fun.


So, I am back to complete installing the Mac OS X Leopard. Ta ta.

I shall leave you with this funny conver I had today. I was typing too fast and too furious and typed an extra a in niamah.


Have a good weekend to all!


Osama says….Kiss me…..muakssss LOL. Osama mata sepet.

20 thoughts on “iBusy!

  1. terence – Niamaha or Supuki, the choice is yours. LOL.

    #2 – Eh you know hor, your ma kenot find the eject button and it takes yr 4 yrs old bro to show me where it is. LOL.

  2. Hey that’s a real nice mac u have there! πŸ™‚ but hor, last time i use that one hor,, mouse only got one button in the midle.. so frustrating to use it πŸ™

  3. huray huray…thks lilian. now i can buy all the thing i been dreaming about… hehe.. just joking.

    Nice winning something for once. I never won a lucky draw before. Actually it just by chance I got to the 4d post, never thought so much about it…

    anyway thks again and keep supporting 5xMOM…yeah yeah! she the best! she the man! ..opps o_O

  4. wow! didn’t know that imac comes with the remote control as well πŸ™‚ welcome to the world of mac!! i’m currently using a macBook.. have fun playing with your new toy! heheh..

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