Reminder – The Bangsa Malaysia in Penang

Few nights ago, at MIDNIGHT this crazy SK called me. He called to remind me about the Bangsa Malaysia.

Event : Malam Bangsa MalaysiaDate : 3rd November, 2007

Time : 8.00pm

Venue : Room A, Dewan Sri Pinang, Pulau Pinang.

I think that was the first time we spoke on the phone. Or maybe we had spoken before, I cannot remember. Anyway, he hasn’t seen me on MSN because muahahahar…I had disappeared from everyone’s MSN except a few. Too busy lah, sorry lah.

We spoke (or is it talked?) in Hokkien because we are after all Penang people mah. Why all the fake speeking inglish wor….And that chao gee nah said, “Eh, your voice not like what I expect hor? You sound so young.”

“Niamah, you think I old turkey kah? Cilaka mia SK.”

char koay teow

(I added char koay teow photo just because I can)
So, yeah, I cannot escape going tonight. I have lector duty in church and it normally finishes around 7.30 pm. I need to makan first then baru go. Hope I won’t reach there too late. I also hope people won’t think I siao to dress in my Sunday best because we have dress code in church and I cannot cincai wear any baju when on duty. I don’t know lah, I normally picture all those people who are passionate about such causes to dress selekeh, cin cin cai cai like that, so I feel weird about going in something that is not jeans, not t-shirts. But what to do, I got no time to rush home to change.

Penang folks, if you are keen to come along and hear what is Bangsa Malaysia, please drop by.

loh bak

(the photos have nothing to do with the post. just my supper, taken from Johor Road night hawkers at the Padang)

I had asked SK many times, “You sure they won’t sumbat me masuk ISA and makan kari lice hor? I don’t want to spend my time without my blogs wan.”

No lah, it is a non-political gathering.

Photo 7
(I paid almost 5K and all I got is one photo. Hehehe.)

And after our call, SK SMS me again. Said speaking in Hokkien with me very ‘song’ wor. Like dis, if I cannot cari makan with my blogs, I can open a Hokkien ‘pay per call’ si-beh-hiao talk line. You say correct or not? “Harrrrou, eantau Ah heah, lu ai pah pau boh?” LOL. *slaps self*

Again – If you are living around the area, come join us!

5 thoughts on “Reminder – The Bangsa Malaysia in Penang

  1. Niamaha! Put lah relevant photos like curry rice, prison bars, picking up ‘dropped’ soap in prison shower etc. Bwahahaha!!

    And…….. OLD TURKEY!!! *runs* HEPI WEEKEND!!!!

  2. Wah!!!!
    Nice new Apple computer….
    Blog about it, I am a windows user who knows nothing about it.
    Cannot come to Penang ler, but want to join the Malam Bangsa Malaysia, feels like school days again.
    Again please blog about it if you can go…
    Anyway where are rest of your blog links?
    This afternoon I cannot read your site for more than a minute, keep giving me a blank page after that…

  3. Agnes – This template is screwed lor. I don’t know how to ‘repair’ it and until I find something that works, boh pien. I removed all my links. LOL.

    wuching -Tenkiu

    terence – Yamaha!

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