I am most Obnoxious blogger, thank you.

I got a little note from Rizlan :

Lilian, I oredi receive in my mail box the izea top three (most obnoxious bloggers), for what it is worth,
congratulations for making it on the list… don’t play play…

Well…I guess all 200+ of you also got the same email. So, thank you for helping me to get into the final. The result will be out sometime next week and of course, Perez Hilton definitely wins because he led by 800+ votes. So, let me brag for a few more days.

Here’s a little certificate my son made for me. He asked me to print it and hang on the wall.


And do take a look at my Disclosure page. Heh, I love doing that.

Plus, I lost the original gif file of the smiling vs cussing banner. So, I stick with the angry one. BTW, this banner is designed by Nyx Loh, a very talented guy who is from Penang. And no, he is not for hire. He works in Momo (last I heard), in case you want to beg him to make for you.

8 thoughts on “I am most Obnoxious blogger, thank you.

  1. Perez??? Can eat one ar???

    You still No.2. No.1 is that super duper hensem, super kuai lan, currently in Melaka, soon to be in KL ……………. (fill in the blank)

  2. no need to hang lor. print it, frame it up and put it right next to the pink laptop, then take picture… so everytime you blog can see it, whattt…

  3. angie – This theme shiok ler…I can change the banner anytime I want. Deepavali, Christmas, CNY….go with the season.

    zyrin – Yakah, yr company server block it?

    alex – What woohoo means ah?

    terence – Wait I put yr blog back then, we shall see LOL.

  4. wahhh… so now you’re an international super-blogger already la. maybe soon, they will have an academy awards for bloggers or something and you will be invited to walk the red carpet.

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