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Everyone knows I got a husband who loves tennis. They also know that my four years old pronounced tennis as peh-nis when he was three years old. In fact, I have so many posts on this blog about tennis and one of my post about moaning tennis players is on the second page of Google for tennis moaning keywords.

So, it is only natural that I share this link to a tennis channel which is the world’s only 24/7 tennis channel. It will be a useful site to my dear hubby because he keeps updated with the latest results. He can wakes up in the middle of the night to watch the game and can go without sleep if he needs to watch Wimbledon or other tournament.

Tennis is a game for the rich or least decently rich because you cannot play tennis just anywhere. You don’t find tennis court unless it is some clubs, colleges or sports centre. Bigger hotels provide tennis courts. Celebrities hang around watching tennis. Many of the female and male players are really such a looker and they make the game glamourous. Is that why tennis has such a huge following?

Well, I don’t know. Why not check out the link I provided and if you are a fan of tennis, subscribe to the The Tennis Channel which is a cable TV channel offering 24 hour tennis coverage. It is available in most parts of the US and I bet if my dear hubby has access to it, he will be glued to the channel day and night.

So, how much do I know about tennis? Almost nothing. Except that Roger Federer is not bad looking and all male tennis players have great butts. Plus female tennis players normally have ‘crab eyes’, mostly. You do not know what is ‘crab eyes’? Oh well, you ought to tune into the tennis channel more often.

Any tennis fans reading this? Tell me why you love tennis. I still cannot understand hubby’s passion.

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  1. Lilian ar, I’m feeling very evil lah… i got some evil master plan .. I need to know what you think .. but dun la so bad .. let me know how :p.. thanks alot 😀

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