11 thoughts on “Weird! Why is my banner showing up black or white??

  1. I am a D-List blogger T.T

    Anyway good luck figuring out what’s wrong with the banner =) Sorry cannot help on this xD

  2. I would presume you’re using a different header image, so is your header image correct? Currently is
    /misty.jpg. Did you rename it?

  3. hinching/daphne – Actually it is something else. None of my images files showed up. My 5xmom blog has the same thing. I had asked for Bryan’s help. LOL, I don’t know what is screwed this time.

    teo – New blog mah…

    sooi – If I customize it (an option available), it turned into a black strip. Lagi chialat. Nvm, leave it white, so pure lol.

  4. Not really. I just checked. Your theme places the header image as ‘misty.jpg’ but your actual file name is ‘misty.JPG’. You need to rename the file to misty.jpg instead of misty.JPG


  5. Yeah, looks like it does work with misty.JPG and not misty.jpg. But if you said all your img files are not working, probably it’s got something to do with chmod? Hehe no update from you, you must be visiting chau kong 😛 Well, whatever the issue is, hope your tech guy will solve it for you.

  6. aiyo.

    clicked on the ‘a list’ button. this message popped up…

    “capaian telah disekat kerana mengandungi ‘sexually explicit content’ dan telah direkodkan. harap maklum. information technology division”

    aiyark. there goes my clean slate! tidakkkkk…

  7. Yay! – It is the CHMOD, the original file got all xxx. Tks daphne and hinching. LOL, now I learn another thing. Images folder must have 644.

    Byran – Aiyer, I sked liao, change all the template oso screwed.

    terence – Ish, dun rub it in can?

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