Do you believe in romance luck?

Chinese call it ‘thau hua’ or meaning some sort of romance luck. It can be a bad thing and it can be a good thing. If you are single, it will means plenty of opportunities to meet singles. But if you are already tied down then, it can spells disasters. That’s why Chinese fengshui has a lot of tips and things to do to either enhance the romance luck or to quash it.

Well, today, I am going to share with you some romance tips like how to avoid getting an unfaithful spouse or to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. I had studied fengshui and also the Chinese 8-pillars of life and though many will pooh-pooh at this ideas and superstitious beliefs, I think there is some basic ideas in the calculations.

For the married couples, the things to avoid placing in your bedrooms are flowery stuffs like painting of flowers and placing a lot of flowers in the room. Next to avoid is the use of paintings of cocks. And by that, I mean the male chicken. 😛 Cockerels are symbols of fertility and hence, if you keep stuffed cocks or paintings, you are unintentionally boosting the male libido. As for the flowers, it will cause the hearts to stray.

Well, if you are single, then, it is a different story altogether. Before you even begin to activate your romance luck, you have to see that you are taking good care of yourself. Are you clean, neat and looks decent? Dating Site is now available and you have free opportunities to join and get to know other people who are looking for a relationship. With the internet, it is even easier because you can know singles from all around the world. You can have as many flavours as you like.

But let’s say you are always unlucky in love, attracting jerks more than Mr. Rights or attracting leeches (lol, girls who are only interested in your money), then, you may want to see if you are doing something wrong. For example, avoid keeping dead flowers, i.e. dry flowers because they spell bad luck. Instead, have lots of nice, pink colour flowers. See? Pink spells romance. Then, maybe you can buy a mirror and take a good look at yourself. Again, this is not fengshui. It is pure commonsense.

I believe we have soul mates out there, waiting for us. It is just a matter of the right time and some luck whether we will ever meet them. If you have exhausted all avenues, maybe you should try online dating. There are lots of free dating sites and lots of lonely, single, desperately seeking partners people out there. Good luck and don’t believe all my tips. I am maybe Lilian too but I am only joking.