L is for Albert


My son made this. Referring to this post on Yamaha and Suzuki.

Next story, not related to the above photo.

My hubby like to cuss in Hokkien when he drives. But it is limited to ‘cho hamik L lah!’

(translation ‘WTF’)

Usually, the L or pronounced as el is dragged for emphasis. L actually means Lan or the male organ or bahagian kemaluan lelaki.

He was frustrated with all the drivers in front who were too afraid to get out of the junction into the main road.

So, just to tease my little one, I told him,

“Horr…..papa said the L word!”

And he replied, “Bad papa, papa said bad word.”

So, we asked him, “What does L stand for ?”

And he replied casually, L is for Albert!


Please don’t ask him what F stands for because he will tell you straight what it stands for. *slaps self* I hope when he finally goes to kindy, he won’t tell the teacher F is not for frog or fan or food.

“No, teacher, my big, bad brothers told me F stands for f u c k! And my mommy said I cannot use the F word.”

8 thoughts on “L is for Albert

  1. Hahahaa.. Lucky he never say B is for “basket”. šŸ˜›

    I got this 1 friend who likes to say “Basket” and “Fish” to replace those bad words. Irritated me like hell… šŸ˜”

  2. Aiyoh….. now so old just find out that cho hamik L is bad word….:( I thought it meant cho hamik lang… “meaning “what kind of human being are you” so embarassing and I’m supposed to be Hokkien lang . LOL

  3. LeeChien – ‘L’ is an alphabet lah. What the ‘L’ is wrong with you! Oh, you name also starts with ‘L’, you must be bad too.

    Don’t simply comment lah!!! What the ‘L’!!!!!!!

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