I am a regular at TGIF and have blogged about it many times. I like the atmosphere at TGIF, good food, casual settings, free meals for my little kids, friendly and attentive staffs and bestest cocktails.

In fact, if you Google for TGIF Penang, you will find my posts in my food blog. So, when the taugey of nuffnang, Tim told me he wants to belanja me dinner at TGIF, of course, I fast fast go lah.


Behind my mind, I do wonder if there is any udang sebalik batu (prawn behind the rocks) like Tim wants to know how I make money online. But TGIF foods are hard to resist.


I also thought I can maybe give some undertable money and ask Tim to get more ads for my friends and my blogs. But ish, Tim talks a lot and asked a lot of questions until I forget to belanja kopi.

Let me show you what we ate. Don’t jeles hor, you can also order it yourself because it is so affordable. Only RM39.90 for the whole set.

My son has the Mac N Cheese bite as appetizer.


In his own words “explosion of mac and cheese goodness in your mouth with a crispy outer part.” It is macaroni and cheese deep fried in bread crumbs.

Meanwhile, I had the shrimps martini. Sounds so class right? Nah, this is the udang sebalik limau that I walloped. I forget to ask if others want to test because it was so nice, I kept stuffing the prawns into my mouth.


There are huge prawns in sourish and tangy sauce with olives, tomatoes and it makes me so hungry for my main meal.

Being the meat person, I must have big bull for dinner so I ordered the spare ribs. LOL, look at how huge the ribs are. Too big for its plate. TGIF, next time give me a bigger plate, please. Otherwise, the fries are flying everywhere when I stab into the ribs. Malu nyerrr.


My son ordered some chicken breast call Chicken Parmesan. I notice that TGIF have two sets of set menu. One is the health conscious ones with white meats and fish while the other is the more oomph type which they call the devilishly good menu.


Of course, I go for the devilishly good menu ‘cos real woman eats with gusto. Who cares about calories when it comes to good foods, right? That’s why you must pick the mud pie for dessert.

You do not know what you are missing if you haven’t sink your teeth into a mocha mud pie from TGIF. Huge slab of chocolate, almond, ice-cream and so-good-can-die chocolate hot fudge.


Now, if you are a nuffnang’s publisher, you can join the TGIF contest to win a free meal at TGIF. You can bring a girlfriend/boyfriend/mistress/grandma or whoever you want. Get more details from nuffnang-TGIF contest page. One lucky winner can even win RM1,000. Eh, if any of you win, remember to let me tag along for dinner, ok? The closing date is 30th November, 2007 so hurry up!

Thank God, it’s Friday! And damn….posting this has made me sooooo hungry.

(and in case you wonder, no, the above meal is not sponsored by TGIF because I don’t take free meals in exchange for reviews on my blogs)


  1. terence – *throws prawn shells at terence*

    Frankensteina – I like TGIF for their cocktails. Especially the chocolatey one.

  2. MCB, now i’m hungweee and it’s not even Friday. Here where got TGIF…. i come Penang soon and we all go wallop 99. Stay where?

  3. lilian, next time we go together-gather k. me lurve tgif so much too!

    p/s i was in penang last sunday u know 😉

  4. I just had my lunch at TGIF in the curve last saturday. wierd last few months they had lamb meal, but now no more… so I just had rib eye with presto sauce. not bad and the price is okay + free meal for my lil kids.

  5. The prawns look so juicy! I didn’t know kids get to eat free – does this mean we can order a kid’s meal FOC for the little fella? Sorry so ‘suaku’ – we brought Lucas there twice but we could only give him bits of potato or other stuff from our plates!

    3 cheers for the real woman 🙂

  6. I like the food at Fridays but the uniforms give me vertigo. I think it is the stripes and buttons combination. Seriously you hit the nail on the head with this one. Great place, great food, usually great service.

    J Pat
    Editor of Clubhusband

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