The Americans and the British

They just have to do things the opposite ways.

I have two cars with opposing signal and wiper positions. It is bad enough I have to keep remembering which car is using the left or right position.

Now I have two computers with opposing red X. The Vista has the red X on the right, the Mac has the red X on the left.

Niamaha, if I keep having to remember ‘Is this American?’ or ‘Is this British?’ soon my otak also tak center already.

This is my virgin post from the iMac. I got it for a few days and am still learning. Lucky I got Terence (not YOU lah!) to tell me that in iMac, the term is iWork. Otherwise, I will be wondering where to find Word or Powerpoint or Excel. So many new iWeb, iMovie, iDVD, iSiao, iSienz to deal with, that’s why there is a lack of posts here.

Anyway…..who knows why the British and American use opposing sides? A matter of pride?

P/S : Why is my banner not showing in Safari?

10 thoughts on “The Americans and the British

  1. Dunno about those people lah but I know they are killing lots of ppl thru BAT. British American Tembakau.

  2. keen – Ya but I don’t know why they put the browser button over at the left instead of right. I am a rightie so have to push the extra mile on my mouse to go to the left mah….

    alex jai! – You stop complaining hor, until you go design one nice nice template.

    terence – dunno what to reply

  3. I thought I’m the only one with the problem πŸ™‚

    It can get rather frsutrating when you want to make a left turn but ended up activating the wiper

  4. Too confusing. Now UK using metric system but American still stuck on inch, feet, gallons. Don’t expect to find a logical answer for it.

  5. Auntie, your ever-changing template also make my otak tak center. Muahahah!!! But improving. iLike you add ‘Obnoxious’ to the title. Aiya, American and British always not ngam wan. British always say the American drive on the wrong side of the road, on the wrong side of the car, use fork and knife terbalik, and whatelse…and American also say the same thing about British. Headache

  6. Kakakaka… Nvm-la.. iLearn mah.. πŸ˜›

    Slowly you’ll become adjusted. Mana tau, u might become ambidextrous… Both side pun gao tim… U mai pao kar liao-lo!! πŸ˜†

  7. angie – Nay, itu Terence lah, he both sides oso can. Kia si lang wan, this type of people.

    clare – I noob lor, hari hari screwed up my template, have to keep changing. Ya, both countries also got pride to set their own standards. We all caught in the middle go gila only.

    moo_t – They will never meet in the middle, so we live with extra things to convert.

    rizlan -uRizlan

    frankensteina – I have major problem differentiating left and right, maybe my otak wired wrongly. LOL

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