5xmom is a boiled frog

For the first time in 22 years, I got to spend a whole month with the hubby. 24/7! That man is forever dragging me from one jungle to another, one hill to another, river, lake, sea……you name it, if they have it, he will take me there. Ammah!!!! I don’t want to play liao. Faster get back to work, dear. I want to earn money blogging. Like dis how lah? Early morning goes out until evening. Come back at night, I am sleepy ledi.


Today, we go to Ulu Lenggong which is in Baling, Kedah. In case you do not know, Baling is Chin Peng’s territory. And in case you do not know, Chin Peng was the head of the communist and he is still around. Psst…that day hor, I heard the credit of our Merdeka was partly due to the communist. Blek, don’t ask me how because I never study history. Ok, ok, don’t discuss. Later all of us also become boiled frog.

Anyway, they have this super panas, steaming, hot spring in Ulu Lenggong. Since it is a working day, there isn’t any other people there except my family.


The first photo is the natural source where the hot water comes from. Is is terribly hot and will boil your testicles setengah masak. The second photo is the man made swimming pool which has part hot water and part cold water.

My son said to another son : “There goes our family jewels…if you go dip in the boiling pool ”


I just downloaded the photo and ask my little cutie, “What were you praying for when mommy took the photo?”

He told me, “Don’t tell anybody…..*whispers in my ear*”

Everybody say ‘Amen!’

LOL, actually he said he asked Jesus to make the water not so hot! He is very afraid of the hot water but wanted to dip in the pool. Awww..my handsome little one ask Jesus for everything!

My skin is still covered with a layer of sulfur, my hair is all limp from the hot water and I need to take a bath now!

P/S : Don’t bitch if you see more tulis untuk bayaran ha….deadline coming, boh pien must stuff them here liao.

7 thoughts on “5xmom is a boiled frog

  1. i went there b4..it was nice..so rendam at nite better lo..dat wat i heard da ppl told me ler..last time i go there..all malays..except me and my frens nia..did u go jungle trekking at there??XDDDD..the route is awesome…

  2. All this must be those secret wishes coming true for your hubby… bila lagi mah! lucky sod..

  3. How come got this woman wear slippers in swimming pool ar? afraid of stepping on frog is it? hahaha

  4. rizlan – eh, my slipper bukan sebarang selipar. selipar emas tu….takut orang curi lah.

    Yalah, he dem enjoy cos he said he worked for over 20+ years and this is the first time since he was a kid that he is free. No school, no work…Got VSS releks sikit lah.

    sooi2 – Now I don’t care liao, I keep to my routine already. Initially, I forced myself to wake up early (though I only sleep at 3 am) but now, my life, my rules. LOL.

    michael – Well, not exactly but ok lah, since not every where can find such hot water.

    fong88 – The day is so gloomy, we dare not venture anywhere, sked thunderstorm any minute.

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