Learn to read my blog on RSS lah!

I am simply TL with my blog. I do not know what’s the cause of the problems so I cannot solve it. I had been changing template after template till I am absolutely TL. It is not easy to find a template, add some of the codes and then, tweak the CCB margins to fit my photos etc.

KNN, after all the work, I thought it is fine. Then, Uncle Sha from Singapore emailed me a screenshot of my blog. Only the header loads. Not the content. Yerrrr….TL betul.

So, I changed again.

Then, TL sms-ed me, “Woi, your blog blank wan.”

KNN, then, I have to change back to the old template.

But that’s not the solution.

So, folks, can you subscribe to my blog feeds and read it from Goolge reader?

Nay, click on that orange square button and choose Google reader or whatever RSS feeds. You can have it in your mobile and PDA too. You will get only the content, not the ads. Nice mah, no need to see all the ads, just the isi penting.

Until I solve it, sorry if my blog crashed your browser.

Please tell me if you have problems loading it?Ā  What browser are you using?Ā  Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari…..

16 thoughts on “Learn to read my blog on RSS lah!

  1. I have Internet explorer and have never had a problems loading to your site for past few years

  2. i using IE. i thought was my problem becos i had tons of problem loading my dot com. and then earlier i thought was dotland very strict with certain websites becos of the sex,$ thingy. PPP certain opps i also cannot go in, eg. tattoo lovers, etc.
    last time, your blog here on off can kena aborted but less frequently than 5xmom. now everything seems ok liao both sites. *cross fingers*

  3. Celaka!! At this very moment only can.

    I tried IE7 & FF on an XP, Vista and even the browser on my SE P1i for the last two days, semua blank!!!

  4. Loads well on firefox.. Got the same prob with u too.. Just got my theme up but not 100% perfect. Feels like hantaming the mouse when the margins or boxes running out of proportion.

  5. I use IE, occassionally got problem. It always contains ‘error on page’. Sometimes I can access, read, scroll up and down no problem. But most of the time, I have to expect my browser to hang on your blog.

    With luck, some times it just hang. Without luck, it automatically closes – together with my other windows. šŸ™‚

    Anyway, with good content, we still come back lah, despite the hassles to keep in touch with you. If this happens to my blog ah, no one will return liao! šŸ˜›

    Still prefer to come here, coz can leave comments mah. RSS cannot leave comments… šŸ™‚

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