Some people really can tok kok

So, the other *night* I sat next to this bitch of a guy.  He bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched and bitched through out the whole two hours plus.

Damn, he got an axe to grind over every farking thing.  The parking lots, the parking fee, the farking tree, every blardy thing.  I pity the wife.  Not only she has to hear her husband bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch and bitch with total strangers over the same issues of  the parking, the parking fee, the farking tree, every blardy thing, the bitch of a husband was too busy bitching until he had no time to get his fat ass to the drink counter outside to get himself a drink and he instructed the wife to take it for him, while she was in the middle of eating.

She obediently walked to the next room to get the drink and when she was back, he bitched and bitched and bitched about sugar and diabetes and bitch and bitch and bitch.  The other guy he was talking to was carrying a tag with Dr.  So, they kept on and on and on about politics and sugar and parking.

I tell you, I cussed and cussed and cussed and cussed that some people can really tok kok and do nothing else except showing off how rich he is.

He sat there the whole night and asked people if they want to hire someone to trail some Min….name starts with N who asked us to balik Tn’g Suah…you know…This bitch of a man said, “You hire someone to follow N lah, I pay, I am willing to pay.”

KNN, what difference is it between you (I mean, the bitch of  man) and the N guy?  Use money.  Same tactic what.

Lucky that lawyer with the name M (neh…that Joy’s case?) finally spoke up and said we cannot just fault the ‘other side’ and must also look at our ownselves.  Lawyer M said sometimes, our own negativities held us back.

Yalah, like that bitch of a man lah.  Talk about parking and how he refused to pay 30 sen and then, boasted “I told the parking attendant, RM300 also I got money…..but in principle….”

He bitched even in the middle of the short documentary and talked like he very clever like that.  Niamah, from that moment onwards, I told myself, “Forget it lah, politics or otherwise, all talk cock only.  I go play far-far, get out of my face.  I am so not gonna associate with people who tok kok whole day about how bad the country is when all they want to do is to give money and ask people to character assassinate others.”

This is not the kind of Kingdom my Lord, the God teach me.  My Lord, the God asked me to be kind and talk less and work more.

6 thoughts on “Some people really can tok kok

  1. When a person say ” I am willing to pay”, you know he is NOT going to pay. I bet he is an instigator from MaChAi group.

  2. This kind of ppl irritate me to hell. NATO – No Action, Tok Only.

    Remember the saying that an empty tin makes a lot of noise? I call such people tin kosong.

    no substance.

    not worth my time.

    since when is cussing considered being cool?? it just shows that you’re an uneducated brute with some $$$.

  3. Watch the news on TV lah these few days. The local dog pound having a party. Bark! Bark! Bark!

  4. Malaysians politicians should keep tab of their talk and walk. Who knows there is a blog to keep record of them for future voters record.

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