Faster write, faster write, nothing also write…

My Streamyx modem konk-ed (pronounced kongkek) already so anytime, I am going to lose the line when my good jiran has gone to sleep. Hehehe. Nothing to write also faster write something before I totally lost my internet connection.

Tomorrow (actually today) must go and buy a new kick-ass modem. Any recommendation?

Today I must go and attend the CoffeeMug course on Mac OS. Actually smart people like me don’t need to attend what course mya but hor…I accidentally lock myself out of the system admin. *malu nyerrr* When I installed the Mac X OS Leopard, I did it so fast and simply typed my ID without reading the fine prints. Now, I cannot remember what CCB name I used for the system admin and without it, I cannot do anything! Fark! So mensia-sueykan. Not like I can do ‘Forget password’ because I know the password but not the name!

Last Sunday, Terence (my church member’s son who is working part time in Apple Centre) asked me, “Hey, Lilian, how’s your Mac? You like the iLife, iWork, iYadda Yadda?”

My reply, “iLock iFroze iTakTau because I cannot even watch DVD ‘cos I need the system admin login to set the area whatever code.”

Cilaka! Niamah! iMalu but iLansi to ask. So tomorrow hor, I keh-si keh-si go and spy how to get out of this mess. Otherwise, I need to own up – Err…excuse me, I forgot my own name and I cannot log in. iBodoh, iLunCun, iHuanChu, iClumsy, iPaiSeh.

Have a good weekend to all!

P/S : I got my cheque from Nuffnang and I got money, plenty of it! You got your Nuffnang cheque, boh?

Blog plug : BlurryHunnie!. Visit her blog lah. Cos I said so. šŸ˜›

14 thoughts on “Faster write, faster write, nothing also write…

  1. hoho! read abt your nuffnang cheque – congrats! ‘nor cheng’ is not hard to come by. šŸ˜€ i think my nuffnang has only…RM2. yeah, thereabouts lah.

    must show off your new phone when you get it k?

  2. new Mac… now new modem… this blogging business is really going on strong huh…

    hmmm…i belum dapat my nuffnang cheque ler…

  3. bryan – finally! The Apple staff recognise my WordPress T-Shirt. LOL, but no, I didn’t tell them my URL.

    terence – *iBlekU*

    steven – No mah, where got? Still get comment mah. LOL

    zewt – My ZTE modem from Telekom finally mati after five years lah. Modem dem cheap oni.

    alex – Your traffic not from Malaysia, issit?

    michael – Where got? RM2K only mah.

    shoppingmum – No wan, they kenot connect me and my blog. Even my church members also read but they don’t realise it is me cos it is too hard to believe. LOL. I so gwai gwai mah, where got like my blog wor.

    silverave – Yeah, I notice advertisers always go back to the same few blogs. I did tell Nuffnang taukeh about this, to spread out. But the advertisers die die want the same faces. So, a blogger need some branding, individuality and get recognised. Not easy to break into the local ads scene, I understand.

  4. I’d recommend you go with Belkin, it comes with lifetime warranty! After frying 2 modem in the span of 2 years, I decided enough is enough, so when I discovered that Belkin was with lifetime warranty, I didn’t think twice even though it was somewhat pricier compared to other brands (but I did hunt around for the best price!)
    Surprisingly, best price I got was from Harvey Norman’s (but then I hunted only in 2 complexs, KBJ & Queensbay)

    Believe me it’s worth the extra pennies, to claim warranty is also easy, you just call the toll-free and they’ll send someone to help you. Mine is ADSL2+ Modem with Wireless – G Router, the most ‘cikai’ one šŸ™‚

  5. Athene – Thanks for the input. My hubby bought Linksys early in the morning already. RM100+ cos we got Linksys router already, so we only need the modem.

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