I hate Mondays

  • I woke up and look at myself in the mirror and I look like shit;
  • I overslept the time my housekeeper was here and now, my bed is unmade;
  • Our house ran out of gas and I cannot get myself some hot breakfast;
  • Eating bread with condensed milk and Milo is not shiok when I want to eat prawns and pork with Hongkong noodles;
  • My little kid is extremely, super grouchy because his badminton partner (papa lah) has gone out for an appointment;
  • So he kept picking up fights with his brother, scratching him and then….cried like he is the victim;
  • Blogger is acting up and I cannot upload photos;
  • I want my coffee but if I don’t get to eat something salty, the sugar high will make me sick;

In conclusion – Where is the blardy gas delivery man! I have worn my bra and proper t-shirt and track pants for over two hours already! It is already lunch time and I still haven’t have a proper breakfast yet.Oh ya…now I remember why I got mad. I hate the word DEVELOPMENT (when it is uttered by people who build white elephants using our money) . I hate leaders who tried to fool us with his own spin. I hate authorities who think we live in the tempurung, with no internet access. Now, I recall why I am super pissed.

Added : As long as our local, printed media are not giving us some balanced views, I am going to keep plugging the blogs. For today, read and watch the videos on Jeff Ooi‘s blog on the blunders made by our very informed minister. He seems to have difficulties differentiating Burma and Myanmar – the transcript of the telephone conversation found on idleThink.

So what’s your reason for hating Monday?

11 thoughts on “I hate Mondays

  1. aiyo, almost everyone in this world hate Monday.. hehe

    hate monday coz need to go through althose monday traffic.. dunno why, monday everyone so rajin to go to work..

    no mood on monday, want to start my coding also tak dpt. haiya…

    how to delete monday in my world… hurmm

  2. the loud irritating alarm clock intruding into your sleep and having to wake up so early in the morning..and then realizing that you have to drag yourself through another 5 more days before the weekend…
    only to be greeted by the irritating ‘tales’ the mainstream media is reporting!
    hope the gas man has arrived and you’ve got your coffee and hot brunch!

  3. i am on leave today and i feel good haha…

    anyway… our information minister really made me laugh…i am left utterly speechless of how informed he is.

  4. I love Mondays !! Can watch movie, can go shopping when everyone at work. It’s my favourite day of the week. ha ha,. sorry to rub it in but there are some people who just LOVE mondays šŸ˜€

  5. Hmmmm…

    I don’t like Mondays because.. it’s another day of struggle for me and another colleague after 1 colleague left a huge void.

    Basically, I’m learning to walk/run at the same time in a new position that I’m unfamiliar with. It’s not that the job is bad, I’m grouchy with my inability to adapt quickly enough.

    When I’m grouchy, I feel depressed because I wonder… “Why I so stupid…” and then, the nasty cycle begins. šŸ˜†

    Hehehee… Anyway, life goes on. Rant rant.. after that enough-la.

  6. Now that Myanmar vs Burma section make my day. Now outside world know, if they need something to fill up the news, just call any Malaysia minister.

  7. i dun like monday coz i need to go to office n work… but u no need to go to office, stay at home. still dun like monday arr..? monday is not meant to be a good day..

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