Bee Movie – not exactly a movie review


I have wanted to watch this ever since I saw the trailer long time ago. The other day Exabyte gave me two tickets to the premier show but I didn’t go. I love the cute, colourful bees and with Jerry Seinfeld, well, I don’t need to think twice. Eventhough the atm said ‘Aiyar….wait a while more, I treat you to the movie every day also can lah..’ But I want to watch it in a cinema!


It is an enjoyable movie but lack comedy. Well, one cannot expect side-splitting laughs from Jerry Seinfeld anyway. Not really up to my expectation but still not bad. Can you imagine a little bee falls in love with a pretty girl? No? Then, you have to see the movie yourself.

Christmas trees are everywhere now. The above is a yellow and black Christmas tree. This year, I want a purple tree. Anyone seen any tiny purple Christmas tree around? Something really small? I want to buy. I saw some pyramid shape, coloured stones ‘trees’ but they are either in silver, red or gold. Purple Christmas tree, I want!

Which movie shall I watch next? Stardust or Balls of Fury?

14 thoughts on “Bee Movie – not exactly a movie review

  1. OOOOO! go watch stardust!!! Not much publicity but its SOOOOO much better than BeeMovie ^^

    I’ve watched it n now i’m in love with fairytales. Enchanted coming up next, should be good =)

  2. Oh, I saw this Christmas tree in another setting and I was thinking what an ugly color. And it looks like toilet brush or broom bristles. Now I know its for the Bees movie promo. Chey!

  3. Oooo… Bee movie is a “B”-movie? šŸ˜†

    Heheehe… I kind of like Jerry Seinfeld but maybe just to catch the dialogue, I’ll have to this via DVD… šŸ˜€

  4. Your son is such a cutie pie! I’ve heard lots of good reviews about stardust and nothing about balls of fury, so go for stardust.

  5. stardust!! most definitely! i thoroughly enjoyed stardust. its got adventure, romance and humor…plus leng lui and leng cai leads! hehe

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