Random tiu-ing

Lately, no one makes me angry or mad or tulan or anything like that. So, I sort of lost touch of blogging. I love it when I have someone to diss or something to rant.

The only things rant-able are politicians but it is a waste of time talking about them. I have not met any bitches I don’t like enough to tear their C-word.

So, who wants to get tiu by 5xmom ah? Come on, I know many of you are silently reading and cussing me. Some even went as far as dissing me in others blog. Why so cheeken? If you dare, come and diss me here lah. Why go elsewhere and say things? Why no balls ah? If got balls, show your real name, your real face and tell me direct what you hate about me? Why need to tarik Yehsou masuk air skali ah? Why ah?

Blog Plug : Another interesting blog who links me. Asheby, Body Glove hater and a camwhorer.

9 thoughts on “Random tiu-ing

  1. ohohoho~ you talking abt ppl who’re bitching about your pr dropping izit?? sorta read abt it in someone’s blog comment box. summore, the person talking so much didn’t have the guts to write down a proper nick.

  2. silveraven – Yalor, some arsehole talk like they know me like that. KNN, no balls to come here, talk behind my back pulak. Lucky my larling tiu him/her/shemale on my behalf hor? (thank you larling wuching)

    #2 – Wuah…..very pandai wor….They teach you in church issit. LOL.

  3. *sets table, massage chair, takes out popcorn, blast air cond*

    Woo Hoo! But but but…….. I think they got no guts lah!!! You think they like me meh, I tembak you terus terang.

    Niamaha! Cibai! Celaka!! @%$#@#$@&!!!!! I hate you because you more femes than me!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

  4. alamaks…. apasal u lookin 4 ppl to tiu.

    aiyoooo… u sure this won’t affect your skin-ar? u get more angry, u get more wrinkles u knows? šŸ˜›


  5. let’s tiau orang dalam google … or the person yang propose pagerank kita jatuh… let’s tiau them together! (*Q&$(Q^$(Q#$^Q()*$&$)#$##$&@*^)

    well, how about that.. anyone want to continue?

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