Go earth, grow roots


This plant is rarely seen nowadays. Actually, there is another type which leaves do not have the tiny leaves.

In Hokkien, we call this plant ‘lok thor, seh kin’ or get on the earth, grow roots. I bet many of you kids have learnt about this in Sains or what they call Science. It is part of the pembiakan but I do not know what they refer in English term because I studied Sains in Bahasa Malaysia. Kimia, Fizik dan Biologi. Osmosis, Simbiotik and not spelt otherwise. Parasit and not parasite.

Sometimes, there are people that we refer as lok thor seh kin too. These could be relatives that leech off your generousity. But if you are poor like me, eheh, then, there is no risk of it. Sometimes, it could be friends who treat your home like yours. Other times, it can mean blog readers who think they own your blog and decide what they like you to post and what they don’t like you to say.

*muahahahar…another mindfucking post from the unpredictable blog*


11 thoughts on “Go earth, grow roots

  1. Hahahaaha, I cross reference using mandarin and got the name
    Kalanchoe pinnata or Bryophyllum pinnatum, also known as Life Plant, Miracle Leaf.

    Talk about the plant, in fact, besides native ulam, most vegetable growth in Malaysia are NOT originate here.

  2. Hey I have plenty of those in my house.. my housemate tried to grow some and they got uncontrollable!! Hehe!

  3. Wahh…

    If look from angmoh point of view, this proverb means to settle down-leh. Hehehe…

    iPoor oso, can I say that my credit card is like a leech, sucking away my $$$? Hehehe….

  4. They called it Daun Setawar in BM. I still remember when I was still a kid, we used to compete who has the biggest leave. We put them between pages of the text books and waiting for small leaves to grow.

  5. yeah yeah..they treat yr blog like their blog. Request annonly asking u to post something they like. Ask them to get own blog la . diu.

  6. hmm, yah i do remember we learn something about this in science before but i’ve never actually seen this plant in real life … looks like it makes a good subject for photography hor LOL

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