I damn tiu with you because :

  • You treat me like an information counter.  Got problems?  Ask 5xmom!  Got questions?  Ask 5xmom!
  • You never bother to say hi or say bye.  You think information counter opens 24/7 isst?
  • You bug me when I am rushing my paid posts. I always stop to answer the questions.  Which probably caused me to drag my paid posts even later until I have to sleep late late.
  • You are not funny at all.  Boring.  Same ole, same ole.
  • You have nothing to contribute.  Only problems of yourself.  The world doesn’t revolve around you only, you know?
  • I also got problems.  Just because I never bug anyone, doesn’t mean I must always entertain you.

*taps fingers and see how many people terasa…..*

*hands out ice water*

*walks off, crackling like a witch*

Sorry I have not been replying comments because this Streamyx line is so farked up.  I lost the comments a few times after typing because the line keeps getting cut off.  CCBTMNetKNN.  BeeNN. 

16 thoughts on “iTulan

  1. Dear 5xmum,

    Gosh! U never fail to crack me up! Was having a bad day at work, coz my bisul meletup, and was contemplating I-Tulan-ing people the whole day. But after reading your blog… Hahaha!… Can take bisul eruption anytime. U go Hot Mama!

  2. Mr. B! – Aisay man…..mana lu pigi? Miss ya! And Mrs B and your two princesses’ tales. Me been $$ eye $$ lately, don’t go blog hop so much and hardly see you on PPS also.

    Tralalalalalalalalalalala to the rest. 😉

  3. dear 5xmom,

    i never fail to read your blog, but i never comment or ask question. no no terasa on my side. selamat aku. yes, you never fail to crake me up. u r da best. don wari hoh. but one of these days, i will post some questions for u to answer. can??

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