Fishing and dating

My wacky hubby decided to go fishing at midnight. So, off we went ‘cos my four years old already took a long nap earlier.


We went to Esplanade because it is still very bright and busy with people ‘phaktoring’ (aka smooching and groping in the dark, behind shadows and under trees).

Since I missed sitting at home and fishing for big fat opps, I might as well use the opportunity to take in the cold, sea breeze, enjoy the smashing waves against rocks, evading salt water on self and observing. Oh ya, I caught two gelama fishes as well.

And what about dating?

Fishing is just like dating. If you throw in lousy see-hum (bloody cockles), you will only get cheap gelama fishes. So, if you want to bait rich, handsome man, not just any see-haum will do. You need gold laced ones. Maybe some boob jobs, nose jobs and especially boob jobs.


Fishing needs a lot of patience. Some luck and some right timing.

So, if you want to find Mr. Right, you have to wait, hope for some good luck and be at the right place at the right time.


Everyone wants a big, prize fish. So, competition is keen. You have to fight it out to get the right fish.

And finally, the sea is big. It is hard to find a prized, good fish. When you have put in your bait for a while and you fail to catch any fish, change your see-hum and go to a new location.

The see-hum has to be fresh or else, the fish won’t bite. If one location has no fish aka man, move to another spot.

It is that simple.

*This community message is brought to you by the relationship sexpert, The Obnoxious 5xmom.  Only three poor gelama fishes and several see-hum  were sacrificed in this post.*

10 thoughts on “Fishing and dating

  1. Another way is to go to a pet store and buy a prized fish. But becareful if the prized fish you bought thinks s/he’s a leech instead of a fish… lol

  2. misti – LOL, why you need see-hum lah!

    daniel – Now Penang bridge expansion extra lanes lah, no more sea, all reclaimed.

    terence – Hehehehehe, what? What did I do?

    danny – Wuah, I don’t know what 2nd and 3rd base.

    auyontc – Very deep, your meaning. Hahaha.

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