GUA – You heard the buzz of a hot community yet?

Hari ni, 5xmom nak gossip dalam BM. Hahhhh…dah lama tak blog dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Anyway, this is going to be written in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Let’s see how many of you need to sharpen the national language or improve your English.
I believe many of you may have noticed the Gua buzz on our blogs. You can see the ad at the bottom of this page as well. Initially, I wonder what Gua stands for. You see, Gua actually has two meanings. Gua means cave but can also means I. Like gua caya sama lu!


The Gua community consists of a forum, blog listings, celebrity gossips, heart-to-heart talk and many more. There are so many things to discover, read and watch so I will give you a simple view what Gua is made of. Below are some of the interesting stuffs found on the Gua community:

1. Gossip & Entertainment (BM)
2. Exclusive Videos (English)
3. Lifestyle (English)
4. Community (Malay)
5. Love & Relationship (English)
6. Video Archive (Malay)
7. Music (Malay)
8. Kerana Karina (Exclusive Drama Webisode)

I see that they have an active Gua community forum with 28,000 forum members and the discussion board is very active. Nak cari teman, Gua pun ada. Nak cari member sembang-sembang, Gua pun ada. Bosan? Tengok video dalam BM dan English. Ada masalah cinta? Tak mengapa, Gua boleh tolong. Ask Amy. Nak tau fesyen apa paling cun? Tanya Gua.

They have some short videos call ‘Doing It Right’ which has some interesting topics over there. As you know, in this MTV age, all the youths today are into extreme sports and rock climbing is one of them. If you want to be part of the crowd but are not sure if it is right for you, watch their videos on rock climbing. You can view them on the links available on Gua site. You can even learn because the videos have professional rock climbers to teach you.

Then, for the ladies….you are going to love these videos on fashion guides to show you what not to do and what’s in fashion. For a start, they have videos on how to match your handbags with your working and evening outfits. Check it out.

So, in short, Gua is where you can watch video, make friends online, read the magazine styles articles, peek into other people’s problems in ‘Ask Amy’ (equivalent of Aunt Agony), watch the exclusive drama and share your blogs. They also have the listings of the latest happenings in town and you events to attend.

I have joined Gua and am going to pimp my blogs there. If you are a blogger, you should know that pimping your blogs on communities like Gua will gain you lots of traffic and new readers. Don’t say I never teach you ok? Sama-sama untung….Cepat-cepat pergi Gua.

GUA – You heard the buzz of a hot community yet?

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