Magic crystal

At some sundry shop…


Girl : Wah…..magic crystal! It says here they can fall in love and grow babies crystal! I want! I want!

Boy : But we already have those before.

Girl : No, that one is not the same. This one can fall in love and grow babies. Read and see? It says here on the label. Faster, faster, give me 50 sen. I want, I want, I want. Give me faster….

Back home…Read instructions. Use warm water and soak the magic crystal. Do not immerse them or they cannot breath. After a few days, the crystal will grow big and when they fall in love, they will grow babies…


One day later….

Girl : Come! My crystal grow babies already. See, see, see?

In reality…

10 years old kid : Mom, they never teach you science in school, issit?

Me : Don’t care lah…you see, my crystal got tiny crystal babies already..


15 years old son to 10 years old son brother, looking sombre and sad…. : I am sorry to tell you that your mom is a complete……..

Me : Hoi, you shaddap hor….Really got tiny balls leh….Don’t believe, wait I go fetch my RM5K camera and take micro photos of them….

15 years old son : Aiyor…mader….that one hor, is just the bigger jelly breaking up due to too much moisture and then, they form bla bla bla….Those are not even crystal lah, doink. J E L L Y. Boleh faham? *slaps forehead*

Me : Don’t care, my crystal grow babies already. Wait I go blog about it. And then hor, tonight we go to those vending machines and find a few more colours.

*This is the result of having too much time in hands.*

13 thoughts on “Magic crystal

  1. my son has it too. he got it from his classmate. now i know that it comes from the vending machine. i helped him to look for bigger water container for the jelly to ‘membiak’ (grow babies??) after few days, all carmp on the water surface. just yesterday he gave 3 pcs to another friend. this is quite interesting hor…. wait la.. i also want to put something in the vending machine for sale, sure laku wan. maybe bubga setawar.

  2. heehee…my stepsis showed me her ‘special jellies’ recently. told me the same thing…when two jelly meet and stick to each other they can grow babies!! she’s got bottles and bottles of them! colorful ones too! i was like ‘hah?? those are wat? real life organism ah?’ and she’s like ‘no no..just jelly!’ so funny la the things they come up with… i also want to jellies that can grow babies! heehee

  3. is this the type of jelly they use for indoor planting? coz recently, my mum got those jellies and started agarden in the house.. = =

  4. Err, they sell this in a 500 ml bottle in Cold Storage in Island Plaza also lah…you want ar? Go drown in it…just joking…

  5. ayooo! pls lar, gardening centres got sell wan… last time the add-water planting medium was like chopped up jelly.. now it comes in bola-bola jelly.. at Plaza Damas, KL RM5/= a packet..

  6. my ‘ayooo!’ is actually to those clever vendors or sellers who clever-clever think of selling things to children… Lilian got any ideas what we can sell onot?

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