What typing is like when you had a bottle of wine?

Nothing, still the same. Perfectionists like me will correct typo eorros bec uase we are perfest. So, we dont’ make mistaken when even when we are dirunk you kow? Hahahahaha, giggle giglge ggiole.

Someone said I had lost my auro for bloggig, hic hic hic, aura for blogging. So, I geek sim and decided to drown my sadbess ni a bottle of wine. IO have a bottle of exo too but xo tastes horrible so I drank wine instad. If i puike i am going to cuss you cialaka niamaha ciabi.

Hahahaha hehehe hehehe hic hic hic.

That;s tyoig unbder the inbfluence of alhohcol. Don’t try this at home, paid post postitutes, you will get your blogs banned for bad eignlsihg.

This true to life, more real than anything post is broguth direct to yoru byt the slightly drunk 5mom. exuses me, i got many poaid pad paost to write within 24 hrs time frame.

And ya, i ran out of xanas so fan lend me some mentos olsease?

4 thoughts on “What typing is like when you had a bottle of wine?

  1. haha, i am curious to see how you’re gonna type the rest of your paid posts! jelly babies gave birth to more babies already or not?

  2. misti – Chey, few mins only no more jor. LOL, now I read back oso so funny. Hahaha, can laugh at my own typing. And hor, I worked hard jor lorrrr.

    th_c – Fun wor, I fast fast type and test how bad my coordination is. Lucky I not crazy enuff to do video. Uwekk….

  3. haha.. this is a new read! find it cute.

    got a lot of ppp to pia arr? enjoy writing dun over stress typing them till drunk in words!

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