Weekend food photos

chocolate bun

Cute chocolate coated and chocolate cream bun with an almond on top.

grilled prawns

My loukong grilled the best-est prawns evarrrr….He just use a dollop of butter and then, he slowly, slowly pan fry them in a pan or grill pan. I so love my loukong….’cos I ate the biggest one filled with roe.

fish fillet

Then, he got too creative and sliced these mabong (some cheap fish costing 70 cents per fish, mean to use for fish bait when he goes fishing) and also pan fried it.

red wine

This winery is as old as me! I didn’t use wine glass because lazy to dig, use teacup, can take bigger portion.

green tea cake with red beans fillings

My favourite green tea cake, bought from Fettes Park. I love the red beans filling in there.

opera cake

Opera cake but I much prefer the one from Coffee Beans. BTW, the orange caramel cake from S.R. is not bad. (refuse to give free publicity)

And you know…I met up with Nyonya Penang the other day while I was seating at Secret Recipe. She approached me and I couldn’t figure out until she told me who she is! Wuah…small world hor? *waves to Nyonya Penang*

Now I remember something else. While we were at SR, this pesky credit card salesman come kakacaucau. I just got my cake, i.e. orange caramel and another one is choc mud, and coffee and before I got a chance to attack the cake, this guy drop the credit card forms on the table, causing my saliva to drip on the table. He started rambling about how to get free cake when dining in using his credit card. And my loukong told him, “Oh sorrry…we are both unemployed.” He scrammed without needing more persuasion. Now, use that next time credit card promoters tail you.

Have a good weekend and don’t forget to go out and enjoy eating!

(p/s : I only get to eat mouthfuls of the cakes, not the whole slice, ok?)

14 thoughts on “Weekend food photos

  1. Hi Lilian,

    Wah….grilled seafood and wine and sinfully delicious desserts….gua lau nuar liao. And I just chomped down 2 pieces of donuts…..mmmmm….weekend blissssss…

    It was a pleasure meeting you and your boys (big and small) and certainly look forward to see you again.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wah, drooling loh, but let’s see if Samm’s cake can fight this or not. LOL!
    BTW, I will try this employed trick liao, beh tahan with those credit cards orang.

  3. bryan – LOL, you can bluff how many more years ah?

    terence – HOI, tak makan mentos ah? Why so ‘OFFICIAL’ comment wan?

    shoppingmum – Yeah, si beh sienz with them.

    nyonyapenang – You never update yr blog long long liao lorrrr.

  4. vk – From Bread dunnowhatstory or history or what liao.

    kerry – Ya, I wait for one whole year to put the plugin. Nice hor?

    tina – Ya, over here we got lots of diff kind of foods to eat.

  5. I use the same trick too. when i go to fetch hubby @ airport, the credit card salesmen always tail me & i’ll just say “i m just a housewife & not eligible to apply’. the anwers will be ‘are you sure’. how can i not sure…..

    wah… like the two of you, “unemployed” but still can affored the expensive cake…..

  6. lilian ah..
    saya datang your blog.. everytime u either make me drool with saliva or make me laugh till kau kau! hahaha
    i guess today u make me miss all those good food it wonderful island of penang. hahahahaL

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