Fine line between 8poh (busybody) and good friend

8poh will guess and read between the lines and bitch behind your back and try to spy around for answers.

Good friend will sense when something is wrong and straight away ask you a direct question.

8poh will laugh behind your back and act sad in front of you.

Good friend will make you laugh when you are sad.

8poh only see one side of you, whichever side they want to see, usually the one that will makes them superior.

Good friend will accept all your shits and still like you.

8poh only give you nightmares.

Good friend wakes you up with a HOI in a dream.


(thank you, Kwai Lan blogger for the sign, cilaka what blogger lah lu? )

8poh doesn’t know when to shut up and doesn’t talk when required.

Good friend knows just the right words to say.

8poh tells all their insecurities, inferiorities and all their dirty linens on their blogs.

Good friend will take all your insecurities privately and boost up your morale with their words.

(PERASAN liquor)

(8 = pat in Cantonese, i.e. pat poh means nosey parker or busy body)

So, are you the good friend or the 8poh?

Today is ‘I love my good friends day’. Yay!

7 thoughts on “Fine line between 8poh (busybody) and good friend

  1. HOI!!!! Good friends can cuss and get away with it.

    Niamaha lu!!! Cibai! Puki!!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!! rAmen.

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