After SPM, then what?

So, SPM is going to end by next Monday. My son already got a job selling prepaid phone cards on part-time basis. Yeah, one of those yellow shirt pesky salesmen but these are less pesky than the credit card salesmen. Anyway, my handsome son will charm many girls so sure make good sales. The pay is good too. He had done waiter job when he was 16 yrs old before too.

And no, I don’t encourage my kids to blog for money. Why? Because they need to go out there and face real people and be street smart. I don’t want nerds at home who look pale and speckie and do not even know how to interact with people. I want boys or rather men who can face the big, bad world in real person. Anyway, he got girlfriend ledi, so I don’t have to worry about teaching him how to khau girls nor worry, he will be stuck at home looking nerdie, speckie, pale….

A lot of mothers asked me the same question, ‘What is your son going to study?’ Many told me with such serious face, “You know…you cannot let them choose. You have to pick a direction for them. What they like may not be earning a lot, you know…”

Blardy hell, when a person peppered too many ‘you know’ in their sentences, you know that they do not farking know what they are talking about. Anyway, I had a nice chat with Matthew’s mom the other day and I think she is one of those rare moms who doesn’t dictate. Not like most of the mothers who will ramble about their children becoming doctor, lawyer, yadda yadda.

We agree that most times, God will find a way for our children. We need to rely on the power of the mom’s prayers. We can only suggest that much but at the end of the day, they will be the one living the life.

So, no, lawyer and doctor are not in my plans. Neither are they in my son’s choices. We have some discussion here and there and nothing is confirmed.

There are these choices :

1) Get the result and go to Form Six. He will have two more years of being a student, no pressures.

2) Take a course in college. Actually both hubby and I don’t quite favor this because of the kind of expenses plus the quality of education there.

3) When Form Six is completed, then, if he can go to local university, then, great. If not, it is still not too late to go to private university.

Oh well, we live one day at a time and we shall see. But first, can I have some inputs from those of you who have crossed this path? The argument is not to waste two years in Form Six. However, to me, what’s the hurry? Why want to cut short two years of your carefree, student days? Enjoy and relax first. However, I heard Form Six is not honeymoon either. Anyway, the amount you spent on private colleges for your A-levels are going to cost much more than the amount you can earn in the two years you saved.

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  1. shadowfox – How about reading my post first? We know what we will do eventually but I want to hear from others as well. Geddit?

  2. i’m not sure abt the environment/quality of form6/stpm cert nowadays, but back then it was like the closest thing to hell!!

  3. Lil, this is my personal experience. I studied 2 months in Form 6 in bio and it was tough. I had never been a study hard student, but the study smart type, but for bio, there were lots of facts to be “memorized” 😛
    So when I got my offer to UTM, I ran fast fast to enroll myself into uni without completing Form 6. But I think they can’t do this now, if I’m not mistaken, local uni only takes in Form 6 right? No more Form 5 students.

  4. Lilian,

    I was in the University of Malaya Educational Counseling group, but all the info were in Chinese. If your son can read Chinese, tell him to go to and select a University that he like, and send an email. The email will reach the current students who are currently in the local public University. I’m sure they will be able to read English if you write in English to them. However, I’m not sure how fast they will reply. The current Uni students should be able to give you better advise.

    Now back to my own advises. I studied 2 years form 6 and it was the best two years of my life. Of course I loved the subjects I took (art stream) and I scored very well in my STPM, so got my first choice to study in UM.

    The drawback of STPM is that it takes two years instead of one in the private college, or some computer degree even let you graduate in 3 years. Why this is important? Well, it makes a different when he’s going to further studies overseas. Suddenly he becomes older among others. My classmates in France are like 22 when they get their Master, and in Malaysia if you follow the public Uni you are 25 when you have Master.

    The end result? Both my friends from public and private and overseas Universities all doing well in their career now. One bad impression about the public uni is the low commant of English, which I think won’t apply to your son? I personally also further my studies abroad in USA and France, and I can tell you that the exposure is amazing and the cultural exchange part is just too shocking. It is a nice personal experience, but the risk is, your son might stay overseas if you let him go now. Painful decision for parents.

  5. i just hope he makes the right move. i myself don’t want to end up like a whole bunch of friends who regretting to be in courses they don’t like at all all because “ikut pengaruh rakan sebaya” and that will not lead him nowhere.

    eventhough i’m taking a year off from studies, doesn’t mean i’m breaking free but i do have other education plans like going back to USA since i really don’t feel culturally belonged here.

  6. form 6 is definitely no honeymoon. if he ain’t afraid of it, then by all means let him face one of the toughest exams in the world. as for college wise, unless he knows what he really wanna do, i don’t suggest that either *as azhan said, a lot of ppl regret wat they studied, due to peer pressure instead of wat they really want*

    and yea, A levels at college is costly. so the point is, what does he feel like doing? taking it easy by A levels (tat is, if u’re willing to fork out the money) or go for form 6 before deciding what he really wants to study.

  7. No rush at all. In order of difficulty, Form 6, A-levels, Foundation Studies with F6 being the toughest, so if he can take that, then go ahead! I think it totally prepare you for the tougher days ahead in uni! 🙂 And totally worth it too, unless he can’t cope, then if his results are bad, he might not have a lot of options to choose in terms of courses in uni. I guess the most important thing now is for him to consider whether he wants to do Bio, Engineering, Business or Arts.

    And you’re tagged. 😛

  8. Hi Lillian,
    Well I’ve crossed this path not long ago, like 3 years,next year is my 3rd year in uni d!
    What i did was not wise at all cause i came to NZ the same year i was about to sit for SPM so I tak ade SPM la! But thats not the case I came here and did my foundation in a high school and then off to uni.
    What I would suggest is that he goes private because if he plans to go overseas at least that would be recognized, he would be able to use it anyway around the world, and get into any university around the world. The next option is to send him to any place he wants(Overseas) and do a one year foundation studies,like some of the people i know is doing. The reason why I would choose to do a shorter course so that I can finish my degree early and maybe do a second degree or a masters or something else…venture into the world etc..Well i do know that money is the issue but if am not mistaken the private uni in kuching and the other one in miri would let you do a few years there and the move on to perth to finish it the options are open..
    Take Care and God Bless…

  9. I studied Biology in form 6, and now I am a linguistics student in UM (major in Japanese lol). Science -> Arts

    My parents let me to decide everything. And I have picked the course I like. I might have the chance to be exchange student for a year in Japan next year, how cool is that? If people ask me what am I going to do with this major, I will just say:” I’ll be Badawi’s interpreter, cannot ah?” I kinda wasted my form 6 life though, because I was not really ‘enlightened’ that time. Procrastinate, sleep, complain, rant, unproductive…now slightly better. Maybe I started to have goals, dreams and so on, since I chose this course on my own, I have to take all the responsibility.

    Oh yea in public universities most of the assignments are in BM.

    For me, I don’t do bad investment. If my child doesn’t like to study, send him to Harvard also no use. Buy myself a Ferrari better.

    Depends on your son whether he wants to take it slow or get the cert asap. Or if he had made up what he wants to study, and which school he wants to enter, money will be the main concern. I have friends that kept complaining whether how much longer they need to study before they can enter work life.

  10. i’m no study-hard kinda student, but i went to form 6, didnt pass my stpm with super flying colours, but i did ok, made a bunch of real cool friends. and the “2 years of form 6” wass actually only 1 and a half years. once i settled in with my new friends, times just kinda flew.

    i got into a local uni, and i picked up language/linguistics as my major. though most ppl were like, whaaa? what the heck’s french? and what ur gonna do with it?! but i had so much of fun learning new languages, i can tell u straight in the face that, there wasnt a hint of regret whatsoever!

    my 2 cents is this: the way ppl think changes thru times. so what u study in uni now, may not necessary be the exact same thing u want to pursue 3 years down the road. so it’s best to keep an open mind, weigh the pros and cons of ur choice at that point of time, commit ur plans to God, then jsut go for it, have fun, learn something, and make kick ass pals!

    i survived the form 6 years, grew and became more mature in my uni days, and here i am, earning, having the time of my life, and alive! well we’d always make something out of life. don’t we all? :]

  11. i took form 6, bio maths. it’s actually 1.5 years, not 2. form 5 science stream students do very well in form6 arts. if he’s really good, he’d do well in form6 science too.

    i had offers frm tar college, atma and uniten and mmu. i didnt go to any. as i didnt know what i wanted to do with my life then. after form 6, i also didnt really know, haha. but form6 for me was part and fulltime taekwondo

  12. Hie there..I’ve been reading ur blog for awhile now. Before i start on wat i want to comment..i want to say tis first..U R REALLY A COOL MUM! ur blog rawks! I’m not trying to wax anybody shoes here, ya..its juz my personal opinion wifout the intention of receiving anyting in return.. no worries! lolz..

    ok, let me share my personal experience. i skipped form 6 after completing my form 5. my mum kept on telling me to go form 6 but i dun want to. well, she din really force it on me to go form 6. at the end of the day, she let me decide where i want to go.

    the reason i dun want to go Form 6 its bcoz my skool during tat time is not really gud for form 6..ok, i might b wrong considering my frens who went to form 6 did managed to get gud results..probably i want to runaway frm form 6. lolz..but frm wat my frens who went to form 6 said to me, they really enjoyed the 2 yrs..considering u had only 4 subjects to study..i guess going to form 6 is not really tat tough. and if u excel well, u can go into gud unis…

    but…to my opinion, the downfall of going to form 6 is..sometimes u wont get the uni tat u want..but if u r ok wif the selected uni tat u get, i tink it will b ok for ur son to go form 6. after all..skooling days r the best days!

    i went to a private college and uni afterwards. its true tat the cost is rather high. but considered the experience tat i get where i am on my own alwiz, it really taught me to be more matured. but actually, at the end of the day..going to private uni and going to the local uni doesnt make much difference. unless u want to manage in certain skills like design..if u want to take acc/business/marketing..going to local uni is also ok. u will come out doing the same ting as those who went to private uni or overseas.

    so i guess..its best to let ur son decide which he wants to choose..probably he wants to follow his frens to form 6..quite ok also..its up to his opinion lo..i chose not to go form 6 and i din really regret also…i hope my opinion sori for the long comment..i dun mean to! Sori again!

  13. I didn’t think about Form 6 at all because I knew local uni was not really an option for me. So, I jumped straight into a local college. Didn’t take any foundation courses. Completed my IT studies locally in 3 yrs, graduated with a degree … and started work even before I hit 21 🙂

    My parents never dictated wat me and my sisters should study or be. They gave us the full freedom to choose, and I’m so thankful and grateful to God for them 🙂

  14. There is no need to hurry for him to get a cert soon if you all not waiting for him to bring home the income. Let him do F6, use that period to grow up a little, to have better idea/direction on his career path and the option of going to local U is still open.

    F6 is not easy and even failing to get into local Uni, it is still not the end of the world. The F6 process will somewhat toughen him and he may even find doing a course in a private college later relatively easier than F6.

    I guess basically, F6 is a good way of buying time while still keeping your options open and not diving into something that one is still unsure about. Good luck!!

  15. From what I know, form6 is not easy at all. If SPM is considered hard then form6 is 5x harder. This is what many of my STPM friends told me. But if you’re really smart and hardworking then why not? STPM was once known as the 2nd toughest examination in the world. I believe it still is one of the toughest among all now.

    IF your son really has the determination then do it. For me I will choose not to go form6 as I know I cannot withstand the pressure. At the end it is still his choice. Speaking from a teenager’s view, don’t push him too hard if he does not want to do it.

  16. well I’m not a mum but i’ve definitely gone through life after spm. regardless of scoring straight As in SPM, I was not offered any place in local university at all, only some far away crappy uni. Of course i felt the system is unfair but there’s nothing i can do so i entered private uni (which i can say the quality of education is quite good)

    if ur son know what he wants to do, then i’ll say, let him go for it (college or private uni). if he’s still unsure of what field he wants, i guess another 2 more years in form 6 should help to sort out what he wants.

    and yes, the truth is, in some cases spending 2 years in form 6 can be a waste of time, thats the hard cold fact.

    good luck to him 🙂

  17. Form 6 is the best time of my life! Serious! Studies is tough, but that’s where you learn – and I got to learn so much there. Education in the local unis isn’t as bad as it’s been publisized either. Studying is just a phase in life, and what you study doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re gonna work with that qualification.

  18. Hi Lilian, having my STPM now but still visiting your blog – my daily staple ma..haha
    Anyway, the thing people said about college and Form Six…I have a friend who was quite good in her studies in secondary school, in fact she scored 6As in her SPM and is now studying in KDU but guess what? She failed miserably in her A levels and now has to re-sit her paper! Form 6 is tough, seriously you have to get your foundations right when in Lower 6 or you’re bound to suffer later but I guess it is better than colleges in the long run. Why? In Form 6 there are rules, in colleges there are none. You tend to fool around more in college, partying, clubbing, drinking..they do grow up fast there! Somehow in Form 6 I have grown up too, but I have matured but in a much more positive way. Just my two cents though…sorry for this being a long comment!

  19. Form 6 is not as tough as the olden days. Only 4 subjects to cope and we have a lot of teaching and learning materials now. The problem with STPM students is entering local uni and not getting what they want. My sister got her last 8th choice even though she scored 3As and 1A-.
    No doubt, going thru Form 6 will make your son a better person. In uni, usually those who go thru Form 6 will do better compare to the matrics students.
    Private uni nowadays also not easy to pass and a lot of lau yah lecturers around too. The private uni only want to make $$$.
    For me, I will advise Form 6 if your son is keen to study. If want to play play, then dun come to Form 6. Chemistry alone already has three books to finish in 1 and a half year. Biology and Maths – both with 2 books. General knowledge should be ok and MUET for your son is sap sap sui!
    You ask him to think about it and I can always be his Math-T e-tutor if he wants to pursue study in Form 6. FOC!!! LOL

  20. Doing A Levels definitely saves alot of time but it’s costly at the same time especially when local colleges are not offering that much amount of scholarship to even straight A students anymore because they’re facing many scholarship holders every year and it seems that they’re not making money from the programme. By next year, straight A students can probably get a 50% discount for pre-u programmes in local colleges. Anyway, I would reccommend to do A Levels if law is an option. As you can take law as an A Level subject, it’ll be much more relevant to the degree later on. Anyway, I’ve also got to say that college isn’t a place with no rules. I can at least say that KDU College in Penang is not one. There’re rules but of course they’re rather lenient in a way. The quality of education in colleges is quite good but of course one might not like this lecturer here and there. There are alot of teachers in school which can’t teach well as well. If you want to save time, A Level’s the choice but it’s also very very tough especially when you’re doing everything in a year. One must be very determined and well disciplined to score for A Levels. Anyway, there’s no hurry. Lotsa of time to think. Make the right decision. Good luck! 😉

  21. There are pros and cons in the decision-making *rolls eyes* I know you know that. Hahaha!

    Anyway, I got two personal experience. I took Form Six not because I wanted to, but my mum forced me to. I wanted to go to private college because I believe my SPM result could get me some scholarship. But that didn’t happen. My mum went around asking all the aunties (her friends) and those 8pohs thought they were being clever/helpful. My mum took their advise and did not listen to my say. In Form Six, I took pure science subjects but the two years in hell did not give me good result in STPM. I was blamed for that as well. I don’t know why, but Form Six seriously was hell.

    And then I ended up in local university (Thank God!) taking the course that I am not interested in (Hallelujah!) which is pure business course. Now that I will be graduating middle of next year, I am still blur about my future. I agree student life is the most fun, being carefree and all, that’s why now I am scared to venture into the world of modern slaves.

    Next, my younger brother’s turn to enter Form Six. He studied hard even though he did not like it because I told him not to be like me. I encouraged him and he got good result in STPM, better than mine. However, his application to local university was turned down – TWICE! I bet my ass that his result is a lot better than most ‘those species’ out there. If not for the existence of quota in local university, I am sure he could get a place in local university. Now, he is studying in a private college. We gave up on the govt.

    You see, Form Six is a waste if you cannot get a place in local university, like the case of my brother. Form Six is not wasted if you get yourself a degree in the end, like my case. But, one thing I know is that Form Six helped to shape up an individual. You get to mix around with different people, weird people, nerd, etc…but at the end of the day, you emerge a more mature person. That was what I see in my brother and myself after graduating from Form 6.

    Anyway, let him choose, no pressure on him. Don’t be like my mum, listening to all the different views from all the 8pohs aka her friends and make me and my future suffer. Prayer is powerful. In the end, if everything else fail (choy!) God will open a window if the door is closed. So cheers!

    My classmate’s mum even worse, die die also want her to become doctor. She complained that medicine is not for human to study wan. She failed a semester and has to repeat it. Poor girl. God bless her!

  22. Form 6 was hell, studies wise… Physics was pure torture for me. But that aside it was good fun in school.

  23. Thanks for all the comments. I will get my son and his friends to read all your comments. Hope this will give them an idea on what to do next. Tenkiu…..x 25

  24. Wow…

    Good choice on working during the school holidays – it teaches the kid that $$$ doesn’t come easy and besides, forces them to see the real world.

    On study, you still want to get your kid to study local uni??? Hmmmm…. You may want to reconsider it, since all the hoo-hah happening around our local uni these days. 😛

  25. As a former lecturer, I can tell you we love the students who have gone through 6th form compare to those so called straight As SPM students. Even if he eventually flunk his 6th form, he will pick up something valuable for life – hard work and discipline, it’s never a waste of time.

    Another alternative would be A-level, need same hard work and discipline but fairer and easier than STPM, the difference lies in A-level tests what the students know, STMP tests what they don’t.

  26. oh…another thing…try and encourage him to think abt things that he’d enjoy doing……not choose something that’ll plenty of money…..unless earning heaps with minimal joy at work is something that he craves.

  27. No need to kan cheong la…. see the results than go do Form 6 lor. Afterall, after 2 years in Form 6, he is still young mah… what? 19years old only mah… what is to kan cheong la.. hate these parents who so scared like their children got expiry date like that.. must do everything quick… aiyah… siau la!

    Life is about living it la… not about how many As he can score or how fast he complete his education and come out and make money or not what course he should take in order to make plenty of money…. aiyah…. steady! Bill Gates also drop out and now is what? Billion-cheng barn aire ah!!!

  28. if ur son’s the type whom u haf total confidence in that he will really beat tat mark academically, then you shouldn’t worry about him doing stpm or a-level, especially. I did a-level and yes it was tough for me with all that bs chem and biology. see how he does in spm but don’t use tat as a yardstick because things might change, ie i’ve seen a friend who got 3As in SPM, getting straight 3As in a-level.

    ^ The comment by Leah is a good one. I haven’t done STPM so i wouldn’t know but for a-level, you really just got to study. And those 1.5 years for me in a-level sorta made me more… mature?

    I reckon foundation studies is pretty popular now. Or perhaps SAM? But the thing about foundation is… the pathway to uni is sorta ‘shaped’ already so i find many students slacking when they do foundation studies.

    So yeah, there’s no really shortcut when it comes to education. I’ve been in the science stream all my life till a-level and here i am diagnosing financial statements. My parents were awesome coz they let me do whatever i like.

  29. Hi Lilian,

    I guess your son has had his decision in mind already. it could be vague but i guess he has some sort of ideas of what he wants.

    just want to say, many people have the wrong (or i shall say, biased) perception about private colleges. yes, have to admit there’re many of the rubbish ones (thanks to the regulating policy implemented by our government). but we can’t denied there’re good ones out there too.

    when people found out i was about to start my a-level @ sunway college back in 1999, i was told it’s a rubbish place, just for the rich ones to have fun to the max (and i wasn’t fit into the ‘rich’ category). surprise surprise, it wasn’t easy at all, required lots of hard works! we learned the same thing as form 6 (and same time frame too, 1.5 years). the only differences are: english vs malay, and the fees, of course.

    you can play hard as you wish, regardless where you are, not just in private college. it’s highly depending on the person.

    i had a wonderful time when i did a-level (play hard in moderation, haha) and i got into monash uni in melbourne and got a job here.

    but i guess, doing pre-u (form 6 or A-level or any other matriculation program) is much better than doing those intensive course (like get an 3+0 degree straight after form 5). at least he will still have some time to think about what he really wants.

    just my two cents though..

  30. doing form6 is a good teaches u the harsh reality of real education(standard wise)…unlike spm…its all a big joke..u can do exceptionally bad in ur school n still get A1 for the real SPM…

    I used to think that going to college is cool n stuff..but i went n i didnt like it so i went into f6 after only one week in college…f6 is tough,yes..but it is also the place i learn to mature along with my friends n we all are very close knitted..unlike college where frens just come n go…

    In the end…i got USM..but i didnt take up the offer…i went to NUS spore instead…so i dont think its a waste of time doing f6…its the same..n we have two options..local n private…n u can save lotsa money for A levels…f6 is waaaay cheaper.

  31. I am currently sitting for my STPM. Seriously, STPM is fun!! But I am taking Arts Stream. I suppose Arts Stream is closer to honeymoon than Science. Actually it depends to him. For example, I have some close friends telling me how Form6 is such a stupid choice and I should just follow them to colleges. To be honest, Form6 is no stupid choice. At least I stand a chance to get into local Uni. Besides, we did not have extra fund for education. But yes, Form 6 is like the time when we finally learn to appreciate things in school.

    I hated school. I never thought of returning after Form 5. But suddenly, now that I am finishing my Form 6, I am missing it. Although the school administration still sucks, the toilet still not so good, its just….different. It still goes back to which he choose and to be honest, Form 6 is not a bad choice after all. You don’t waste time in Form 6, you waste time in colleges. Especially if you are the type who likes to fool around. Totally waste of time. Sometimes I feel the private colleges here, mostly the more affordable ones are place for people to show off what they are wearing, playing and just passing their exams, not with distinction. Of course unless you are very well-disciplined. I have nothing against colleges but I am sure I will lack a lot if I enter colleges instead of Form 6.

  32. when i was 19, it was the best time of my life ! though i attended private college, work 2 jobs, hang out with friends till the wee hours, mess around with bunch of girls, race car, motorbike, gamble …

    but as time goes by, i’m still doing fine, i guess what so hurry about life ? furthermore to succeed in life, it doesn’t matter the number of degree or masters u have, don’t forget that there is a saying “those who are educated work for those who are less educated” look around and you will see a lot of this example ! haha

    take it easy lah, mom !

  33. i’m currently in form six and going through stpm.

    true, it is no honey moon, but i never regretted taking it.

    partially it was because i didn’t want to waste my youth working like a donkey when i have a whole working life ahead of me next time.

    chill la brudders n sisters, apasal tak sabar-sabar mau kerja bila boleh goyang kaki???

    hahaha, that’s not my point.R

    mainly, i did it to help my parents save money because the course i wanted to take is hell expensive.
    and being the eldest, i know very well they could not afford it and live comfortably at the same time.
    AND, JUST IN CASE my younger sister were to do her foundation in business instead after her spm, which is not too long from now.

    form six is no problem if you work hard enough, and i honestly think it’s a better option because in case you fail, you can still opt for private colleges.

    c’mon lah, you won’t have the chance to be in a public school anymore after this, and i GUARANTEE you, you’ll miss you school life.

    besides, form six has a stronger base compared to a levels, and a friend of mine from help college has personally told me so.


    i have been studying in the same school as she is till mid form five, and i miss it all so much!

    form 6 is no stupid choice!

    still, it all adds up to your son’s decision, so let him choose his own path.

    either way, he will still survive in this harsh world as long as he has the education!

  34. hi lilian!
    i have friends who finished their form6 and they told me it’s one of the things they regretted doing in life. form6 = no life.
    not only they have to ‘pia check’ and to encounter kiasu ppl, they missed out all the funs in college years.

    And true, the mentality of college students and form6 students are very different! form6 – they are still tied up with their teachers and text books. college students – open their minds to the things happening in the world.

    Why not try TAR College? peng leng zheng. Plus, he’ll get to come to UK for the last 3 months to obtain an Honours degree.

  35. Hi 5xmom! I’m currently studying biotechnology in the US on a jpa (gov) scholarship. Try applying for that (apart from the mentioned ASEAN) scholarship (I think application deadline is before the date of spm result release). It costs $100 to apply so look out for it (apps in a local malay newspaper don’t remember which). I know there’s a lot of hype on the issue of people not getting it after interviews even if with a billion gazillion A’s, but I still think it’s worth a shot if anyone’s interested.

    I love what I’m learning/doing right now here in california, but I also loved form 6 (the couple of months I attended before getting my scholarship). I’m not saying life is a bed of roses here in california, or in form 6, BUT I made my decision four years ago, and I will have to be responsible for it.

    My point is, guide him thru the process (list all pros and cons), but let him choose his path. I commend you on being an understanding mom and for not making your son into something he’s not (the same reason I love my parents so much). It will be easier for him to accept his future since he was the one who decided upon it…and of course, with the support from loved ones, the skies the limit!

  36. I guess, whether to go private or local uni, would depend on the course you plan to do.

    STPM – I lasted a total of 3 weeks in pure science, before running off to A Levels, and subsequently to the UK for my degree. Reason for running – they refused to let me change from Science to Arts, and a science student will not be allocated an Arts based subject at Uni. Those who remained in the Science Stream were those who wanted to do medicine, managed to obtaine 4A’s but were dumped into courses like computational maths, wood fibre, marine biology, etc. They eventually decided not to go to local uni, but went off to s’pore. So, good results does not guarantee you the course you want.

    Matriculation – If you do intend to enter local uni, matriculation would be the best route. It’s one year and apparently super easy (so my cousin claims). Results are out earlier than STPM, hence, a higher likelihood of getting the course of your choice. Living conditions are not too rosy (4 to a room, with the 3 others being from the majority race)…but hey, it’s one year…so it’s still tolerable.

    A Levels – I did this. Not too hard, but with fees of about RM20k? now, not worth it [Unless you are subsequently doing some professional qualification which dictates only A Levels / STPM is accepted, such as Law] Do check whether you are doing the London / Cambridge A Levels. If you intend to subsequently go to TARC, “apparently” they dont accept the London one.

    College Based Foundation – Not recommended as unless you are super sure what you want, you are stuck with that college as other colleges may not recognise it.

    Foundation [UNSW/SAM/CAL] – SAM is easier on a 50%exam-50% coursework system, compared to UNSW’s 90%-10%. Apparently CAL is 30%-70%, but may not be widely recognised unless you are off to Canada.

    If doing accountancy – not worth doing STPM. Faster to just do the CAT-ACCA route @ Sunway Coll.

    If off to UK – aim for the London unis, or bigger cities like Manchester, Birmmingham. Anywhere else, is like a village. Studying in Australia is more…happening, but you get to travel around Europe if you study in the UK.

    S’pore – do note you are bonded to work 3 years for the sporean govt.

  37. A-levels would be a better choice.

    College for some twinning programme? No. Waste of time and money. A lot of friends came out of college with degrees and find it hard to get jobs in multinational companies.

    So…yeah…A-levels gives a stronger foundation. When you move on to a foreign university, the first year would be a breeze. And because 1st yr was so easy, confidence built up, 2nd and 3rd yr will also be peanuts.

    I don’t believe in fast track programmes. So what if you are 25 and just got your first job. It is the maturity that counts most. If you graduate at 22…boo hoo for you. Cos you are not mature enough to handle clients or even your boss.

  38. some children get matured at very early age . by the time they finished SPM, can figure out what they want in life or future. some are quite slow, so , i think for the later, let them go through form 6. at least they have 2 extra years for them open up their mind or see the world. give them freedom to choose,no forcing ho. it is true like you said, they are the ones who live the life. but they’ll always have our support & guidance.
    one example of my friend’s boy, who entered pre-u after SPM, but he was more interested in his father’s hardware business. he didn’t proceed to 1st year. so sayang kan. also wasted 1 year for nothing (doing his pre course)
    in my opinion, give them chance to build up confidence by doing form 6 first. no hurry to get permanent jobs la. nowadays, most parenst can afford la. not like our time lillian, after MCE/SPM need to look for jobs fast-fast, cos we kesian our parents who are mostly father is the sole breadwinner. like now both husband & wife earn money. like yourself, stay @ home mom but still make money through blogging.
    the best is go for local u instead of others (no mention any institution ho), which i think, a rip-off.

  39. Hi Auntie Lilian,
    As one of your nieces who studied F6, I would highly recommend it. 2 years spent is not 2x time wasted. You have time to think what you really want to pursue as your first degree. But b4 that, have a rough idea what you want to study, as you’ll have to choose between d Physics & Biology stream in F6 (for science), in Arts there are between d Accounts & Commerce.
    Be prepared to work hard and smart and you shall get the first choice out of your selected 8 choices of courses. Like me 😉 Important thing to note is u don’t hav to get CGPA 4.00 to get your first choice (but Medicine requires u to), just have an aim of 3.00 and above and that shd not be a problem for #1. Entrance into public unis not only save a lot of $$, the quality of education and recognition is still there. Many options are still open after F6, should u choose not to go to public uni. Some private unis are still affordable and good in quality.
    Lastly, hope 4 the best in the SPM results, decide and till then, have fun blogging!

  40. I’m study thru Form 6 and go to local U.It really not a waste time choice to study in Form 6.My bro also a SPM study this year and I also encouraged him to study Form 6 & if can continue in local U. Also save money for those cannot affort to go to private college..

  41. Hi I am ur hidden FanSee. BTW, don hav to worry about wasting time or not la, 1 yr nia..i see other ppl studied like very smart liddat, come out cannot get job or ‘in between jobs’ etc reasons also can waste more than 1 yr la. Let him pak toh and go Art stream..Peng Leng Jeng (cheal, nice, and nice in canton)! Summore local private college like nt very gd, u knw i knw la…so form6 is the choice, if later cannot get into local uni (even better!) can go overseas. Pls don try ASEAN scholarships if kena redi also hav to study like nerd which i dont think u wan ur son to be liddat lor..

  42. hello friends!!! i am really need ur help in making decision. now, i have finished my study in form5 and this time i am making decision in taking course. i don’t have enough information about it. by the way i have searched it but no points i get. moreover i don’t have strong spirit & sometime i am confused… help me……………………… please??????????????????????????

  43. im just one of those waiting for STPM result next year..
    If u are asking for my opinion, Form 6 is really worth it..
    Its not like those Form 5 thinking that is needed to study Form 6. In my case (science stream), u need more matured thinking to fully cope the syllabus.One will develop this ability or maturity by going thru form 6. The form 6 syllabus is equivalent than those of A-levels. The difference is its period n quality. teacher in school are totally different than lecturers in the college.You know why!!
    The choice is totally up to your son. Good Luck

  44. Form 6 is great if without STPM……

    with infinite rotten rules in secondary schools, Form 6 is not a good choice…..

  45. Dear Lilian

    I’m in exactly the same shoes you’re in now. Our perceptions are the same – no hurry. Initially my son has plans just to proceed to Form 6. However after receiving feedbacks that Form 6 is a waste of 2 years time, we were advised to get him to do a Foundation course after which he could proceed to do his Degree course (since doing F6 doesnt guarantee one a place at the local U.) Upon checking the course which he is interested in, chem. eng., only 4 private unis, Nottingham, Monash, Curtin (Sarawak) and UTAR are offering this course and their fees are very high, except UTAR.

    So, should he go to Form 6 and try his luck for the local U or to proceed to UTAR for his chosen course. We are a bit sceptical about UTAR as it seems like its a 2nd class university (after reading comments from blogs.)

    My son said it’s ok for him to do F6, but he’s worried what if he doesn’t do well in STPM? Then no local U and back to UTAR? Or might as well proceed straight to UTAR to do foundation course? He’s also concern about UTAR’s reputation. He’s confused. I’m at a lost too. As a mum, I certainly wish to have the best of everything for him if we can afford.

    So Lilian, has your son come to any conclusion?

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