After SPM, then what?

So, SPM is going to end by next Monday. My son already got a job selling prepaid phone cards on part-time basis. Yeah, one of those yellow shirt pesky salesmen but these are less pesky than the credit card salesmen. Anyway, my handsome son will charm many girls so sure make good sales. The pay is good too. He had done waiter job when he was 16 yrs old before too.

And no, I don’t encourage my kids to blog for money. Why? Because they need to go out there and face real people and be street smart. I don’t want nerds at home who look pale and speckie and do not even know how to interact with people. I want boys or rather men who can face the big, bad world in real person. Anyway, he got girlfriend ledi, so I don’t have to worry about teaching him how to khau girls nor worry, he will be stuck at home looking nerdie, speckie, pale….

A lot of mothers asked me the same question, ‘What is your son going to study?’ Many told me with such serious face, “You know…you cannot let them choose. You have to pick a direction for them. What they like may not be earning a lot, you know…”

Blardy hell, when a person peppered too many ‘you know’ in their sentences, you know that they do not farking know what they are talking about. Anyway, I had a nice chat with Matthew’s mom the other day and I think she is one of those rare moms who doesn’t dictate. Not like most of the mothers who will ramble about their children becoming doctor, lawyer, yadda yadda.

We agree that most times, God will find a way for our children. We need to rely on the power of the mom’s prayers. We can only suggest that much but at the end of the day, they will be the one living the life.

So, no, lawyer and doctor are not in my plans. Neither are they in my son’s choices. We have some discussion here and there and nothing is confirmed.

There are these choices :

1) Get the result and go to Form Six. He will have two more years of being a student, no pressures.

2) Take a course in college. Actually both hubby and I don’t quite favor this because of the kind of expenses plus the quality of education there.

3) When Form Six is completed, then, if he can go to local university, then, great. If not, it is still not too late to go to private university.

Oh well, we live one day at a time and we shall see. But first, can I have some inputs from those of you who have crossed this path? The argument is not to waste two years in Form Six. However, to me, what’s the hurry? Why want to cut short two years of your carefree, student days? Enjoy and relax first. However, I heard Form Six is not honeymoon either. Anyway, the amount you spent on private colleges for your A-levels are going to cost much more than the amount you can earn in the two years you saved.

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  1. hope i am not late in commenting this post. Since he does not have any idea, have he try out personality test and see what kind of person he is? Some of the test are accurate. I did once and got to know what kind of person i am. so, this will have him got some clues on him self and choose his career base on what he is. This will also produce the best out of him.

  2. wor,after reading all your posts,i’m getting stuck. give me suggestions about stpm????? coz i decide to take f6 this year..i’ve already bought a lot of revision books.btw i’m a sciencestream student.still confused: ipta or f6 *.*

  3. 😯 Dear “lostgirl”
    I would suggest you to select IPTA as your choice because I can ensure that Form 6 is really hard.I had pass through it and score an average point of 3.5 in STPM since I had studied very hard for the exam. 😐

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