My blog is for sale

Yesterday night, after too many paid posts, I went surfing. I decided to put up my make money blog for acution. USD12,000. Buy or not?

I thought USD20 for placing that auction was pure clean fun. But I didn’t expect people actually offer me privately for half of that price! Of course, I am not selling at USD6K.

I sweat ledi….Never mind, I go engage a consultant to negotiate for me. Hor, Bryan hor? LOL.

My son asked me if I want to hire a shiller. I went, “Huh, what is a shiller”

His reply, “Aiyor, ma….you don’t even know, how you going to auction your site?”

Then, he proceeded to explain to me how things are done. Denggg…I know nuts, ok?

Oh, I only accept payment through Western Union. Minimum bid USD10K.

You can find the link on Make$ Money$, under page ‘For Sale’. I am not mentioning it on the site. Shhh…. I don’t want to be the biggest clown with the reddest nose on the Make Money world Top 100 blogs ring. But LOL, Marc of 45n5 has picked it up. LOLOLOLOL

17 thoughts on “My blog is for sale

  1. Hahaha… Good luck on the sale. šŸ˜‰

    Wow.. So fast in the Christmas mood? It’s not even officially winter yet. And Advent isn’t here yet either. Kekekeke….

  2. Advertise on Sitepoint. Cash Quest got sold yesterday for $15,000! See my Blogsreview post on This Blog is For Sale. Woohoo! It;s the Christmas sale!

  3. kitkat – Cheap, buy lor, you can reap it back within six months. I make about USD600 there.

    pablo – Hehehe, I fai si…Boh pien, kachng gatal now kena layan them. Wait later tonight cos I think all sleeping this hour.

    weirdoux – Yes yes yes.

    shoppingmum – Actually, I am not really keen to sell one, just testing water. But if the price is what I wanted, then, why not.

  4. I think those fellas betul got check on the blog to see if it is worth the money. Blogohblog sold for 10k and Cash Quest sold for 15k. You sell yours and create new one again lor šŸ˜€

    p/s: I just bought 5 domains! I think I siau already šŸ˜›

  5. You can become website seller and stop blogging liao. Every month sell 1 site at USD 5 figures, very fast can buy bungalow. Haha…

  6. Aunty, not easy to sell for 12k lor… my, I also auction at sitepoint, and at others forums, I get only $1.5k max. wtf, they think I will sell meh? My blog is top 50 communities in MyBlogLog, but still get 1.5k? tiu them… If 10k or above,then you sell la. Just my advice.

  7. wow..USD12k..lilian ahyi you are great !! Wish you luck on your sales ya..but it’s better you maintain your blog lo..coz i like your blog :mrgreen:

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