Such are the names my kids call me.

Ma – Is what the older two call me. It used to be mommy but I don’t know why it has turned to ma. Actually, I quite like it because grown man calling their mother mommy sounds like one of those mommies at the brooothels. ** It is only one ma and not mama. (**added : note to self, cilaka googoo tengok itu perkataan b saja sudah black mark. Sebab itu saya kasi tambah dua nen nen, extra two oo. Niamah!)

Mader Maderrrr….aiyoyo…..why you so like that wan? is when they have slapped forehead moments with their mother.

Mother – Is the term #1 and #2 use when they talk to each other about me. “You mother hor, really siao already…she is talking to herself.”

Mommy – Usually, it is not exactly how mommy is uttered. Examples…

a) Ohhhhh mommyyyyyyyyyy, I want to pangsai! Faster. (pangsai = poo)

b) Ohhhhh mommmyyyy…..I am hungry, what is there to eat?

You get the drift? Only the #3 and #5 call me, Oh mommyyyyy. And when that oh mommyyyy is dragged longer, the things get tougher. Like, “oh mommyyyyyy…..I just killed the pet turtle.”

Mommmm – If you have watched Family Guy, you will know that it is the most pain in the neck tone when they call me mommm, mommmm, mommmm, mommmmm….

Lilian – Ahah! This is what they call me when we are out shopping just to annoy me. “Hey, Lilian, over here Lilian, you want to buy this?” “Lilian, where are you….” And my response, “Hoi shaddap har, I don’t want the whole supermarket to know my name is Lilian.”

5xmom – “Ei, 5xmom, you want to take a photo of that lala for your blog or not?” Now, they know when to separate my blog self and use the right name at the right time.

But when hubby tells the kid anything, he always refer to me as ‘mommy’. Like, “Pangsai ah? Go ask mommy to wash your butt.”

And the funny thing is, he has always been a papa with all the kids.

Hmmm..I wonder why I got so many nicknames and different identities to the kids but he is always the stable, same old, boring papa. Not daddy, dada, pa, loutau, but papa. Through and through.

But the older two when they talk to each other, they will use the term ‘father’ as reference. It is not ‘your mother’ but just ‘father’.

And guess what? When they talk to me they will use, “Ma, go ask your husband…..” Doh!

and the reference I use is, “I don’t know, go ask your faderrrrrlarrrr…”

Never mind lah, whatever the reference. I don’t care.

So, which is the term you use?

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  1. oooo christmas theme…nice!

    I call my mom “Ma” but when I talk to my sister’s I refer to her as “your mother” and when I talk to my mom about my sisters I say “your daughter” which sounds weird to outside ppl listening to us.

    I call my dad “D” short for daddy. Sounds manja, especially when I want to ask for something, “D………..can I have some money pls? *bats eyelashes*”

  2. i use mama and abah.

    haha in between my mom and dad they will use ‘you’ and ‘i’! so when my big bro (he was like 3 yo at that time) wanted to ask my dad to come down because dinner was ready he went:

    eh i, you panggil turun makan cepat! . swt betul la! LOL

  3. mother = Mak

    father = Ayah

    i toyed with ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ for awhile when i was in school, but dropped it pretty quickly. tak tahan… sounded too manja for me!!!

    but i noticed that too. kids usually call their father by just one name, but for the mother there might be several variations.

    for instance, my Kak Long’s children call her ‘Mama’ or ‘Ma’, but her husband has always been ‘Baba’.

  4. I call my mom as ‘ma’ or ‘mama’ sometimes since young.

    I have this habit of calling my mom at home just for the sake of saying out the word ‘ma….’ The reason I do that is because I’ve left home after Form 5, so whenever I’m back at home I always take the opportunity to call her and what I get is an immediate respond ‘Yes?’

    I know this sounds the very ‘manja’ of me. But, when I miss her in the outstation or overseas, there’s no responds.

    So, i’ll call her many times whenever i’m back. And she knows the reason why i keep calling her.

  5. for some strange reason the way i’ve called my mom has evolved into ‘miu’ and sometimes i call her ‘mi’ (usually when i need something from here, like “mi ahhhhhhh, where is my etc etc” ).
    when i talk to my brother, we refer to our mom as ‘miu-ster’
    i call my dad ‘di’.
    im weird, i know! šŸ˜›

  6. no ppl call u niamah? i also give my mum lots of nicknames. from mom, to mum to ma, meeee, mummy, mommy, ma de, ta ma de, aunty, *mum’s name*, etc etc.. sometimes, call her kakak as in a maid then she’ll get annoyed. šŸ˜›

  7. one time hubby refused to bring his son for an event which he promised him earlier. so, son was so frustrated & talked to his cousin about it & he said this lady (myself) lo…., like to marry that ‘tipu’ guy last time.

    the term ‘oohhhh mommyyyyy….’ is what i hear everyday from my third child (6 yrs old), especially when he is in the loo. he also likes to provoke someone but whenever the other party retaliates, he will start the “oohhh mommyyyyyy……'(just to get some protection) sooo loud until all the neighbours can hear him!!

  8. hmm, i call my mum, either ‘mummy’ or in short ‘mi’ or sumtimes i will call..”lou ma chi’ or ‘ma chi’ for the fun of it though my mum dun really understand chinese. hmm, mayb tats y she dun really respond to me when I called her tat..lolz…

    for my dad, when i was younger i used to called him ‘daddy’, ‘di’ and ‘papa’. I’ll change according to wat i feel like calling. but now, is only ‘daddy’ and ‘di’. however, oddly my bro called our father ‘papa’ instead of ‘daddy’. my dad said sumtimes he got confused wif both of us. one call ‘papa’ the other called ‘daddy’. lolz..but my bro dun call my mum ‘ma’ or ‘mama’ ..still wif the ‘mummy’. lolz..

    like ur cousins alwiz refer to their parents as ‘your father’ and ‘your mother’ when they are toking to each other. I alwiz feel weird abt it. is like they dun have the same parents like tat! but i guess, tats how they communicate! lolz…

  9. I used to called my mum ‘mimi’ but now change liau – ma. My kids called me mummy and sometimes they called lawrence daddy and at times dada.

  10. ooi… mommy…
    I called my mother – ma.
    My DD – mommieee, mee…
    My DS – mama…

    to my DH, both my kids called him dad, daddy, papa…

    long time no see la, ur h/p? oledy change, right?

  11. I like this entry!!

    I use Mommy, Mee, Aunty…

    Mommy when talking about her to other family members…
    Mee, when talking to her normally…
    Aunty, when I am talking NEGATIVELY to her… eg, Aiyo, Aunty why you like that one…

    I use Daddy, Dee, His full name, Lao Dou…

    Daddy and Dee, same as Mommy and Mee’s situation…
    His full name when I ordering him to do something… eg, his name, do this do that…
    LaoDou when mom talking to me about him…

  12. call my mother – ma
    father – abah

    my kids call me – momma but sometime they call me momme or mummy depends on what cartoon they watch
    hubby call me momma
    my kids and me call him papa

    but lilian u have many names to call

  13. Wah….finally I know I am not so weird after all! I guess every family got their own unique ways of calling. Thanks for making me feel normal, folks!

    allisia – I hilang one phone and in the process of buying a permanent line, now using Digi prepaid, dunwan to kacau everyone and keep changing phone numbers lor. But I got yr number in my SIM card.

    pinksterz – LOL, yr brother so cute….my four years old got refer to his father as ‘mommy, your ‘ang’ (husband in Hokkien) call you.” I fast fast tell him cannot talk like that, if not habis…

  14. My mother will smack me if I call her “Mommy”. It’s either Ma or Mama.

    It’s the same for father, either Pa, or Papa. If we don’t conform, kena smacked. Hahaaha…

    However, when it comes to siblings, my parents insist that my younger sis drop the “cheh-cheh” and just go for my name. I’ve been debating with them that this is probably the reason why she has little respect for me. kekeeke…

  15. ah bu… =P That’s how my blog url come around anyway. I am ah gu and she is ah bu. =P But some of my friends call me ah bu also…I don’t know why… =P Sometimes mummy, mi, or tang sui heh. Some actress’s name in a show la. She used to have the same hair as that lady.kakkaka..not a very nice hairstyle lor… =P

  16. Great post! I’m trying for “Mummy” but son is going “Ah Mi’ and father is going “Mimi” (slap head moment?)

    I so know what you mean by the annoying “Mommm” coz Lucas goes for max repetition contest until he gets my attention i.e. “Ah Mi! Ah Mi! Ah Mi!” (20x)

    My late auntie’s eldest daughter actually called her “See Kor” (4th auntie) instead of Mother because everyone else was calling her that! Cute to see how playful your sons are with you – signs of a very comfy relationship with their Mom =)

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