Satu kerja, sepuluh tengok – Orang Penang lah tuuu

Photo courtesy of The Star

Yesterday, I was rushing to finish my paid posts like a headless chicken. And the electricity went poop. KNN, I can use my laptop battery which will last me a few hours but my dear hubby will need to fire up our generator to supply the electricity to the modem and router. Yayaya, we got generator which can provide us fans and lights when the whole neighbour is in the dark. (it used to be my #4 oxygen concentrator standby gen). So, I went to Gurney Plaza shopping.

It was fine weather when we went in but a storm was blowing real hard when we came out and the GP’s guards were manning the auto door because they were afraid the wind will blow too hard and cause the glass door to topple. It was THAT windy and spooky.

My title? Hang tengoq sendiri lah, apa aku dok cakap. Muahahaharrr….

10 thoughts on “Satu kerja, sepuluh tengok – Orang Penang lah tuuu

  1. Hahaha.. I finally get what you mean. (^^)

    Kekeke… I can’t remember how many glass auto-doors at GP, but if there were, would there be another 10 people standing there? šŸ˜›

  2. Angie – Actually, only two guards standing, one on the outside, the other inside and they shoo the shoppers to go far away. Only my title and the photo are related. The rest are just fillers to save my kach’ng. I dare not terang terang say mah..need fillers lorr. This morning I was like WTF, lu semua orang tarak kerja kah? Standing there looking at the reporters and that, that, aiyer, dun wan to start my fire again. I grumbled liao, my hubby rub it in, you lor, like dacing so much. I told him hoi! me go to the moon on rocket also dunwan to weigh myself. Hahaha.

    Now I think the post makes more sense with this comment.

  3. heehee one does wonder why there needs to be so many ‘fillers’ standing behind there…
    i actually saw you yesterday at cold storage (got out of work early also due to that blackout)…but i was so surprised and admittedly awe struck that i could do nothing but stand there and gape! by that time you had walked past me with your kids and so i didnt get a chance to say hi.
    i will say hi the next time, i promise! šŸ™‚

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Malaysia lar tuu.. Good cover up. Pandai hor you use foundation, concealer, make up kao kao to cover up. šŸ˜› But still make it obvious enough to be seen.

  5. U no say abt yesterday incident, I no angry one. Now that u mentioned abt it, I sipeh tulan. When the power were cut off suddenly, my cakes are half way baking so ended up I got to buang because 1/2 masak mah. If you were me, lu angry boh?

  6. i was baking my cupcakes too …(.see blog)…and i had just finish the last batch when the electricity went off…..i wanted to harden my cream cheese toppings in fridge….but just had to leave it outside…..nice christmas template…!

    as for the “filler”..they want to be famous tooo….he..he..

  7. LOL… There was a blackout at my area on 22nd 12am+, I was writing paid post half way and not electricity *FUMING* Then since I’m using my laptop which the battery is mulfunction, I told myself,”ISH! If only the battery is OK, then I can continue.”, I didn’t realised that modem need power supply also! -.-” Only realised it after reading this post. Hahaha… How blur…

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