Comments and commentors I beh tahan

Actually I want to say Comments and Commentors I hate but I know out there will lurk someone who will come and preach to me that it is bad to hate and one must love one’s enemy. Ah, fug it.

1) Commentors who left their stupid names with John Doe who makes one million in one week of blogging (this is an example) in the section call ‘Name’. Fark man, you mader never give you a proper name, issit? Cannot use some stupid nickname like StupidJohn or something? Make it shorter so that my margin don’t lari, woi.

2) Commentors who leave keywords as their name like ‘free video download’ or ‘Best online games’ as their names. Mind you, they are not spammers, they actually read and commented something relevant to your posts. So, I am too kind to delete off those comments. My blogs all have no-follow in the comments, so don’t waste your time lah. That’s why I also disabled the Top Commentor plugin cos I don’t need people to spray their saliva all over.


(Nerds…what an appropriate Christmas gifts for nerds.)

3) Commentors who left affiliate links instead of their blog URL. You know an affiliate links when there are some numbers attached to it.

4) Commentors whom you can find her/his (usually more than his) names all over the place. Well, that’s fine. Until she come around and membebel, this food not healthy, that food not healthy. Oi, go jaga your own cibai, can ledi lah, I need you to come and remind me meh? Tiu! The link is here, I dunwan to link, my food blog cannot have cibai word there.

5) Stupid commentors who wrote two paragraph of hate comments calling you names just because you dissed KFC for trying to grate on mothers’ guilt with their lame ads selling their chicken using microwave oven safe container. Stupid or what? You think I will let your comment goes through meh? I will delete it so if you need to wank, go open your own blog or go wank lah. You just wasted several minutes of your pathetic life leaving comments that I can just press the Delete button in 2 seconds.

(I like the twisted spoon. Beh shiok time, I pulas your kepala like the spoon baru tau.)

6) Commentors who leave the same freaking comment on everyone’s blog and you didn’t notice it immediately until later you found out.

7) Commentors that appear only when they need favor or help. Blah, I anti-social, I PMS, I bo chap. Go play far far.

8 ) Commentors who tried to show off and gives her two cents all over the place.

Northam Road, Penang
(the above photo hor, is Nuffnang Penang Office, nay, the furthest left, just one corner shown. But actually, I damn like this photo eventhough I cincai cincai use some ciplak Pentax M20 camera to shoot only)

Then again……apply this tactic to annoy the hell out of others when you want to stir shit. It is fun, try it sometimes.

Now you add 9 and 10….

But hor, please don’t mistaken I am talking about this blog only. I am making references to all my blogs, covering many topics. Don’t angry and perasan I dissed you hor? I am making a general statement which most bloggers can connect with.

11 thoughts on “Comments and commentors I beh tahan

  1. I like the photo. I’m no pro photographer. Just your average joe. At first glance, I thought it was a picture of some foreign country ler. Very the sui hor. The reflection, the lights, the colors. Well done. But again, I’m no pro lar.

  2. That is why almost everyday I poke in here to read only don’t darn to comment as I am afraid u will ‘poke’ me from all angle & also inside out! And u mention name also. What to do? I cannot put my name down as ‘handsome moh’ as I am what I am! He! He! Today I am a bit brave lah.
    Have a nice day!

  3. horny – Haha you only person to comment about the commentors. The rest all sked sked, cabut liao. Sei for!

    Jen – The reflection is the car roof, nice hor, like water.

    #2 – Your ma clever to shoot lah but the building little bit screwed cos I missed the top.

    klaw – From Pastasia, a pasta place here. Just for novelty, I guess. Kind of cute.

  4. #9 commentors who have nothing to say but still want to comment and instead of writing something relevant all they say is “hehe..”

  5. Wuah! Away for few days only leh.

    Told you your commentators all off topic one. Got any flames for me to fan ar?

  6. 9. Commentors who don’t read properly then condem 9 u

    10. Commentors who u asked to go away, and yet they still come back..dont like dont read then dont complain la!!

    11. Sex maniacs! if they so desperate..they can go home fark their wall..go screw a hole there to fark list can go on forever! lol last few days got this guy cari pasal sama saya..dem 7 tulan

  7. hi there. i understand how you feel about rude or bad comments on your entries. that’s the same way i feel when i first started my blog and begin receiving comments on them.

    however, we must also consider that writing a blog online means people will read them. which is one of the main purpose of blogging, right. so these readers may have different point of views, which ofcourse will not always be positive. there will be critics. and we should learn to accept and respect their comments since we are adults already and we should be mature enough with how we react to these.

    if you’ll going to fight back like akid, then you seem not to have any difference with their attitude. so the best thing to do is to realize that when you put up a blog on the internet — these “pests” as i quote you, should be anticipated.

    should you only want to hear pure good comments, well restrict your blog to your friends. or better yet don’t blog anymore, and just tell stories to your very good friends. for sure, they will only say good things about you.

    well, this is just how i think and feel towards your entry. and i hope you don’t take it personally. however, since this is your blog, you still have the last say.

    keep it cool. and enjoy blogging.

    cheer up! and keep smiling! it prevents wrinkles, and delays ageing… 🙂

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