I will tell you why I find you cheap?

1) You have some blog for cancer and talked about your father’s cancer and yet, you filled it with inane paid posts.

2) You littered the whole forum with your stupid opinions and then, act like you are the ambassador for Malaysia.

3) You went to Eileen’s blog and told her to correct her English. She is too kind to tell you to fark off but I won’t stand by and see another Malaysian telling another Malaysian ‘You better correct your grammar, all the angmohs are talking about us.” Who died and pick you as our grammar teacher?

4) Your own English sux max and you never notice. Why? Because no one cares or notice your blog, that’s why!

5) Just because you are married to some angmoh, remember that doesn’t make you one, ok?

6) You went around whoring for your stupid link sites, emailing me to join. Ptui! Want to put my blog on your blog of the week? I won’t dirty myself.

7) Yeah, I call you a pesk because I cannot stand you and your 2 cents. And no, you rub it in my face that I have no PR, I don’t feel it worr….I am the most obnoxious one. I can turn anything around, I am not like you, keep things in the heart.

8 ) It has been farking weeks and you are still keeping that stupid comment. That proves what a siew hei, yellow face housewife that you are.

9) You are DAMN WHORE ‘cos you used ‘Nurin Jazlin autopsy pictures’ in your blog title just to gain traffic. That, my dear was the reason why I will fark you to ninth heavens. I won’t forgive anyone for doing this kind of cheapshot.

10) You tie in that one stupid comment and related it to the poor girl who committed suicide and link me. You are again using her name in the blog title. I know your purpose is to gain traffic again. That’s why you are the cheapest whore.

And no, don’t try to say, ‘mothers are people we suppose to look up to’. I am not your mother, I am the 5xmom. I fark you but too bad, you won’t get a link. Your attempt failed. Too bad….

I shall check the obituary everyday and see if this post has just got rid of any pest.

(This one for Terence)

On second thought, I might as well send my fansees and see for themselves if this person deserved to be tiu-ed(link removed)? Look at the permalink URL of her blog with the news whore-ty title, look at the sidebar on her popular posts, look at the Liver cancer blog (as far as I am concerned, if I am sincere in helping people with resources, I won’t subject people to sieve through crap loads of paid posts) and the kind of links there.


This woman has apparently taken off the post from her main site. Think it is so easy to ruffle my feathers and then, hide? Here are the screenshots.


Tell me if you will be pissed to be tied to these sort of news, which she post just to gain traffic. Remember, she used the girl’s name just to get traffic for her site, not that she is concern over the little girl.


This is part two.

This woman had been coming to my other blog and leave her shit loads of opinions which I never ask for. Niamah, next time wanna cari pasal go cari elsewhere. Never mess with me. If you think you hide the post, your comments and hide your head, things will go away? Not so easy.

56 thoughts on “I will tell you why I find you cheap?

  1. Auntie lilian, I can’t help but this song just keep on buzzing in my head… i means nothing..

    Gwen stephani– “what ya tiu-ing what ya tiu-ing what ya tiu-ing for -0… ”

    Maybe can dedicate this song to those tiu-ing bloggers ;P

    Too bad that I don’t have time to read her blog…( thought of browsing thru your blog before I leave for my practical in some sort of ulu place with no internet connection. )

    Have a blessed weekends with your lovely kids and ang. 🙂

  2. good! i already beh shiok this blogger already. you speak up! you see her technorati tags, it’s all non related just to improve the seo.

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