Why women shouldn’t lie about their age

I know of a few bloggers whom had managed to mindfark me because they insisted they are younger than me by several years. It is not just 2-3 years younger but 6-7 years younger.

You know why I get mindfarked and totally cuntfused? Because when I talk to them, I felt either :

a) During a huge chunk of my life, I was in comatose

Why? You see, I grew up in the era when U2, Simply Red, Bruce Springsteen, Annie Lennox were hot. And yet, when I talk to them, they are telling me singers name which I cannot connect at all. I felt like, hey, those were singers when I was really a leeetle girl, how can you be younger than me and yet, you know so much about them?

b) I was slow in producing kids

If say they are younger than me by 6-7 years, then, I wonder how can their children be older than my eldest son who is going to be 18 years old on his next birthday. I was like WTF, your kids are in their 20s and you can still be younger than me? Did your start farking at 14 years old or what?

c) We live in two different countries

My dear hubby is four years older than me. The other day, we were looking at my eldest son’s SPM’s papers and it is in English. And I have problem understanding Add Maths in English. When I studied, it was in BM because I was the first batch to study Sains in Bahasa Malaysia. The only English subject I study in school is English. But all those group of silais who claim they are younger than me keep showing how good their English are and I was like, dei, apasal your BM not terror like me? And how come your English command is better than me? Conclusion – They had to be older than me!

When I was working, our office has this huge, big and very insecure woman whom I shall call her Miss Ooi. She wanted to hide her age and tried to hide her past. We knew that she was married and divorced and had a kid. No big deal, right? But she insisted she is not married, no kid and if given the chance, claim she is a virgin too. When we talk about childbirths, she would butt in and asked, “Is it painful to have a baby?” We gave her the WTF look. We know how insecure she is so we just keep quite and avoid mixing with her.

Then, she was so, so, so afraid of people seeing her IC. At one time, when we were doing the employees ID card, I got hold of the list. I knew her age. (but I didn’t tell) And she hated me so much, she wouldn’t ride in the same lift as me. You see insecure people have very wild imaginations and think I probably spread to the whole world. She would walk away at the mention of my name. And I so enjoy making people lives miserable ‘cos they asked for it!

So, to all the women who keep lying about their age, I got a very good advice. Tell people lah, makes no difference wan. They don’t fark care wan. Your screwable age over long long time ago. You are already so fugly, 38 years old or 44 years old, you still have a purpose to be around. To increase the sales of….v i a g r a!!!! Muahahaha….And all those lies need 1000x of lies to cover them and it will give you more wrinkle.

Yay! I got my aura back. Correct or not?

24 thoughts on “Why women shouldn’t lie about their age

  1. You are right! Women should be proud of their own age. They say in Chinese, the older the ginger, the more spicy. I know this guy who has a thing for older women. šŸ™‚

    Hey, thanks for the info on PayPal. Appreciate it.

  2. Welkam Back!!!

    I also feel very insecure when ppl keep staring at me all the time. Then I found out why. Then no longer insecure. BECAUSE I FOUND OUT I HENSEM!!!! Bwahahaha!!!!

  3. I am only 1 or 2 years younger than you. How come my kids so little and your eldest is 18 years old. Chey! That only means that I’m even slower in producing kids.

  4. I oso very slow in producing lah. We must be around the same age group as i oso know those singers when i masuk secondary school. you son is already 18 yo yet my lil Jon is only almost 18 WEEKS old šŸ˜€

  5. haha~ Lilian… you’re so d*** obnoxious lolz… hahaha~
    I’m studying ing-ger-ri-shi for my subjects, but I’m YOUNGER THAN U!! hahahahaxxxxx~

  6. Gosh! Good post! You’re right, there’s no need to lie about our age; Some ppl don’t realize that age is just a number and that ppl are bound to find out your actual age(especially wt the new IC…cause the old one didn’t display yr birthdate). What really matters is how you feel in the inside!

  7. mayb bcoz women has the tendecy to hide their age bcoz they sked their age dun match wif how they look. especially older women…they sked of the word..”OLD”..but i guess being u, u are not afraid of tat word at all! yea, b honest wif ur age is rite…is the fact after all. i tink when im older i also will juz reveal my age..heck..already tua, admit je la..hahahaaa…but i better dun bcome like a cranky old grandma at the age of 40+ la..tat will be so totally uncool! lolz…

    btw, can i link u up in my blog, 5xmom? thanks..have a great weekend! šŸ˜€

  8. well said lilian, frankly speaking, i have no idea why women bothers so much abt telling their age. it’s just being paranoid to do so

  9. The Sr’s who weekly dance the night away at a Coffee-shop cum “night club”at the jucntion of Fatty’sPark/Jl Tg.Tokong all adv.age of 60’s plus BUT when they are on the dance floor they forget what age they are in.The same Sr’s will also be seen at The Cottage inWaterfall Road.There is one Sr.male singer with a very good voice for his age,a Mr.K.C.Lim whose singing will put us younger than him to shame.
    Do anyone has any idea what has become of this gentleman K.C.Lim?

  10. Chronological Age not equals to Mental Age. Kekeke…

    I can identify with you since I still have U2 albums and I remember who is Annie Lennox and Bruce Springsteen is. I can even remember Courtney Cox was in that Bruce Springsteen video.

    Oh yea.. I can remember a time when MJ was not “soyabean campur cincau”… Hahahaa…

    I can readily admit that I’m a child born in the late 70’s, grew up in the 80’s and rebelled in the 90’s.

    And guess what.. I’m farking proud of that!!!

  11. Like anthraxxxx, people don’t believe me when I tell them my age. I don’t understand why some women would want to hide their age. It’s just a number, what’s the big deal, kan?

  12. yeah, that Ika claimed to be 32 (vomit!) last year in Cleo magazine when she was actually 36-7! pleeeeese laah wei.

  13. What about the women who dont look their age… Like who look 10 years younger,, and only get younger guys attracted towards them? At 40, I get 25-30 year old ppl interested in me…and my older son who is 18 now will join university this year… I faced this problem throughout my life. Being young looking never gets you a chance to be yourself….. You are either taken as young babe or a mother but never of your own age..

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