5xmom says..If you cannot swim, jump into the deepest end

I had been out the whole day. 10 hours! First we went to Ulu Paip in Kedah. My little boy call it Bulu Paip and it is sooooo funny. We purposely don’t want to correct him so all of us went to Bulu Paip. It is a very secluded place with no DIGI coverage but have Celcom. That’s why I have engaged guards to help me manned my blog. LOL.


The main purpose of my trip is to take waterblur photos. Adjust aperture to F16 to F22, shutter speed to real slow but I don’t know how many seconds cos my cilaka Nikon D40 says 0.625 seconds on the exif but on the menu it says 1.6. Ada sama kah ini maciam? Blek, I hate all these numbers on the shutter speed dial and only rely on my instinct.


I also learnt that taking long exposure photos take skills and the co-operation of the sun! It was playing hide and seek, peekaboo with me and it was so frustrating because by the time I got a decent settings, (using manual focus, and manual setting and tripod plus timer) it shines again. Before I can take many pics, it went to hide.

In the end, I ended up with buckets of sweats over them. So, what do I do? Jump into the river as well!

My little kid has no fear! He enjoys drifting along with the current. Oh before I hear any sei8pohs say, ‘aiyerr..dangerous lor, drifting like that, it is a pool. Meaning, one big pool and not a river going down all the way. If want to read my blog, don’t nag hor? I paling pantang is to hear people nagging. In real life or blog.

I hate how my voice turns out in those ciplak camera phone! The video is taken with Pentax M20.


One more waterblur photo. If you like waterblur photos, check out those breathtaking ones from Flickr group for Waterblur.

My photos are in RAW and Jpeg format but I only use PICASA to edit. So what you see is what I got. Milky meh? Really ah?

As for the title, trust me, we always have to jump into the deep end to learn to swim. In everything, find the hardest thing to tackle and you shall learn. *stroking imaginary wise old man’s long white beard*

Have a good weekend to all!

17 thoughts on “5xmom says..If you cannot swim, jump into the deepest end

  1. Dear Lilian,

    How true it is that sometimes, in learning it is better to jump into the deep end. But some people drown if not careful and ignorant.

    Nice to see you taking leisure in photography. Wish my mom could find pleasure in life like you too. =)

  2. yvonne – Ya, I hate the middle of the post ads, really.

    terence – This time not my fault, I am limited by the uneven terrain. Could have adjusted but hey, don’t fight nature mah, let senget-ness be the new style. I tumpang ha, the reg. of the car that you almost whack with baseball bat? 100 big, 100 small, Damacai, Toto, Magnum and underground. Eh…you got visit your own blog or not ah? Why I no kena tiu early-early?

    romantic – LOL, that’s cos I am great photographer.

    bengbeng – Tks!

  3. TERENCE – ohhh…I just opened the paper….Hoi, you got take my advice of using suntan lotion for one month, or not? Hahahaha. But never mind lah, you already look like your Bulu idol so you will get your ONE MILLION.

  4. wad one million? wad exciting news in msia lagi?

    eh, why u always have stupid haters one? niamah. no brain mann.. but good lar. i think very funny.. im referring to the err.. post u wrote about that lady..

  5. ehon – Haiyor, you not Hindu, you not included. There is this movement, Hindraf. They are suing the British Government for 14 trillion because the British brought the Indians from India during pre-Merdeka and get them to work as labourers. Then, the British neglected their welfare. Something like those Japanese comfort ladies? Now, three loyars are held under the seditious act because they are trying to get all Indians who are Hindus to march to the British High Com to hand over the whatever whatever document. All must wear orange. Last few weeks, yellow, now orange. LOL. Nay, that Terence lor, he is going also. And hor, if got pink wave time, call me lah. I got no comments on that Hindraf issue, only telling you cos you are cut off from local news mah.

  6. Niamaha lu!!! It looks nice but please give me back my banana when the season is over.

    I want an iPod for Christmas! I have been a good boy hor?

  7. terence – iPod no have, peaPods got lah. I send you one kati. Abuden? You said you want snow mah, banana not ngam with snow, looks like lausai like that.

  8. terence – Remember must wear pink, including pink underwear hor? If not I won’t send my palace guards to open the gate or accept it.

  9. Soli. REAL men dont wear underwear. We go commando!!! Just you wait. After I am done with that damn server, I hack your other sites!!!! All for the ranson of an iPod! Bwahahaha!!!!

    I am not greedy, just a matter of principle.

  10. bryan – Hahaha, bulu banyak.

    terence – Wuah, Bryan hear this, he sure fast fast buy you iPod and ask you go corner quiet quiet listen, don’t give him extra work.

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